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Lee Brice in Ottawa

Country music fans were treated to an incredible night of music at the Lee Brice in Ottawa concert. This was my first time checking out Lee and honestly, I’m sad to say, I had no idea he sang some of the songs he did. I guess its hard to keep up with everyone these days but this one should have been on my radar sooner

Josh Ross

The show kicked off with an opening performance from Josh Ross, who got the crowd hyped up with his high-energy performance. Ross’s cover of “Iris” and his song “Trouble” were crowd favorites, and his classic rock roots were evident in his powerful guitar playing. Josh is a young guy doing some amazing things right now and is going to do well in the industry for sure. It was also nice getting to see a friend of mine who was his photographer for the night!

Tenille Arts

Next up was Tenille Arts, who shared her dreams of playing her own songs and how incredible it was to be on stage in front of such a passionate audience. Arts’ stage presence was captivating, with dazzling rhinestone outfits and stunning lighting that added to the ambiance of her performance. She interacted with the crowd and even took a fan’s phone for a selfie, showing her appreciation for the fans that came out to support her. Not only is Tenille a powerful presence on the stage shes down to earth and loves what she does.

Lee Brice

Finally, Lee Brice took the stage to thunderous applause from the excited crowd. With moody lighting and a powerful stage presence, Brice delivered an incredible performance that had the fans going wild. He played all of his hits, including “I Don’t Dance,” “Hard to Love,” and “Love Like Crazy,” showcasing his impressive vocal range and guitar skills. Brice utilized the entire stage, moving back and forth, engaging with fans, and making sure everyone felt like they were part of the show.

Brice’s performance was the highlight of the night, with the crowd singing along to every word of his popular songs. The energy was electric, and the entire audience was fully immersed in the music, proving that Lee Brice is one of the most dynamic and captivating performers in country music today.

Lee Brice in Ottawa was a night to remember. The opening performances from Josh Ross and Tennille Arts were incredible, but it was Brice’s powerful and electrifying performance that stole the show. With his incredible vocals, guitar playing, and stage presence, Lee Brice proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music

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