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Lights in Winnipeg

Its Lights in Winnipeg at the Burton Cummings theatre! Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-Juno award winner Lights, brought her PEP tour to an adoring audience in Winnipeg. Her signature synth-pop sound, delivering an unforgettable performance that kept the crowd engaged from start to finish.

The show opening with Canadian drag artist Tynomi Banks who helped set the stage for Lights’ high-energy show. Banks showed why she was a star on Canadian Drag Race as she dominated the stage and hyped the crowd. She definitely left everyone wanting more as she closed out her set with her version of Miley Cyrus’ Flowers.

The Main Event

Lights opened her set with Salt and Vinegar from her latest album, and the audience was immediately ready to give back all the energy they got from her. The electo-pop energy kept going with Siberia and Up We Go. She worked her way around the stage, continually switching between guitar to synth and feeding of the excitement of the audience. She chatted with the audience between songs, and even came down to the barricade to sing with them. The show never faltered with fantastic lighting and a digital video screen bringing fun graphics from the PEP album. Bright colors emanated from the stage and the crowd danced and sang along to her varied set that was a perfect mix of old and new songs, with Lights bringing her newer material to life just as passionately as her older, classic tracks. 

Lights closed out the show with a two-song encore of Grip and Okay Okay. The audience left the theatre with huge smiles on their faces showing Lights can still bring a thrilling, high-energy show to her fans.

With a handful more dates on this leg of the tour you are not going to want to miss out on this show. Lights in Winnipeg was amazing and next stop is Ottawa at the Bronson Centre

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