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Lights live in Seattle

On April 4th, everyone came prepared in red, blue, and yellow to celebrate Lights live in Seattle. Her last performance at The Showbox was an acoustic set back in 2019 so she was due for a return. The Showbox has played host to many talented artists so getting to hit up this venus is always fun.


Opening the night is tiLLie. Touted online as hip-hop while on her own Instagram she goes with Nightmare Pop which means you are for sure going to get some interesting music. When the lights dimmed and the track started up tiLLie hit the stage with a high level of energy making sure to catch you by surprise and force you into the groove. Fans ate up every bit of powerful energy that exploded from her tiny frame and made sure the night was off to the right start.


The one we all came to see is up next. Lights is a Canadian Queen who I have been a fan of for a while being Canadian myself so I had to get out to the show. Hailing from the GTA Lights has been bringing her amazing music to the world since the early 2000s. On tour for the Baby I’m Back Tour in support of the new album PEP, Lights made sure to bring a little something new and old for all the fans. She made sure to sprinkle in some of the fan favs like Lions, Giants, and February Air throughout the night so everyone got a taste of something they loved.

Lights live in Seattle for me was a great way to spend an evening. I got to shoot some amazing pictures as well as see some amazing music performed live so needless to say I’m pretty happy. I can’t wait until the next night out!

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