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Lil Baby in Washington, D.C. on the It's Only Us Tour

Fans were pouring into Capital One Arena, speakers were blasting rap music, spirits were high and the night was ready to begin. Lil Baby’s ‘It’s Only Us Tour’ featuring Hunxho, YBS Skola, Gloss Up and Glorilla had been one of the most highly anticipated tours of the year for D.C, and the outpour of support entering the Arena proved it. From a live DJ, twerk cams, smoke machines and more, everyone knew they were in for a good night.


Atlanta rapper, Hunxho was the first artist to hit the stage. Hunxho had trippy visuals projected behind him as he performed a variety of songs. Hunxho made his way into the crowd while performing and greeted fans. Fans were losing their minds and having the time of their life being able to be up close and personal with Hunxho.

YBS Skola

Baltimore native, YBS Skola kept the night rollin, engaging fans in anticipation for what was next to come of the night! YBS Skola was rapping with bright, fun visuals behind him. YBS Skola performed multiple hit songs of his, fans couldn’t stop singing along to the lyrics! Lil Baby fans couldn’t be more excited when he came on stage, YBS Skola has a previous song called ‘Trap Phone’ featuring Lil Baby. 

Gloss Up

Gloss Up, AKA Glitter Girl Gloss had fans absolutely captivated from the second she stepped on stage. From her sparkling jewelry, unique outfit, charming attitude and catchy lyrics, Gloss Up had the fans jumping and singing. Gloss Up had an entourage of dancers on stage with her, it was prevalent from the second Gloss Up and her dancers stepped out on stage that they are meant to be performers. Gloss Up is well known for the hit song ‘Shabooya’ featuring Hitkidd, K Carbon, Slimeroni and Aleza. Gloss Up released her latest album ‘Shades of Gloss’ on August 11th, with the release date being only 20 days apart from her performance on the ‘IOU’ tour fans knew every lyric and went hard when Gloss Up performed her hit songs off of it!


Glorilla’s set started off with her dancers wearing camouflage pants, standing in formation, dancing to the beat of the music. Glorilla ran onto stage and the crowd absolutely lost their minds! Gorilla is well known for one of her many viral songs ‘F.N.F (Let’s Go) which lead to an overnight sensation on Tiktok. Hundreds of Thousands of people participated in the ‘Glorilla F.N.F Challenge.’ Glorilla performed a variety of her older and newer songs, each song getting the love from the crowd it deserved! Glorilla had one of the most engaging and exciting performances, you couldn’t take your eyes off the stage. Lil Baby picked an amazing group of artists to hype the crowd up. 

Getting Loud with Lil Baby

Lil Baby had one of the most unique entrances I have ever seen. While dancers came out from all angles wearing snapback hats and puffer jackets, Lil Baby emerged on a platform elevated in the air. Lil Baby had visuals projected below him as well. As Lil Baby’s platform lowered, fans screamed even louder at getting the chance to be even closer to him. Lil Baby performed a multitude of hit songs, ranging from ‘Never Hating, My Dawg, Pure Cocaine,’ and many more. Lil Baby’s concert was broken up into “chapters” starting with ‘Chapter 1 West End giving fans an insight to his world and how ‘Lil Baby’ rose to fame. As the night went on the energy did not stop once, Lil Baby’s energy was keeping everyone on their toes. Lil Baby hit the B stage in the center of the crowd, and performed his heart out. Insane visuals, lights, and smiles followed Lil Baby throughout the entire set. If you haven’t already seen ‘It’s Only Us’ tour its a must!

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