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Lil TJay in Halifax

Lil TJay in Halifax brought his Beat the Odds Tour to a packed house and a huge pop from the crowd. It was a great night in Hip-Hop for the city. Not usually one to head to a rap concert, but tonight I’m glad I did. As I entered the Scotiabank Center in Halifax the crowd was already electrifying and excited for the performances to grace them soon. 


Killy, born in Toronto, was up first. Before he even came on stage there were people crowd surfing and chanting throughout the stadium. The lights dimmed as he entered, and the crowd went nuts. The smokey lit-up atmosphere made for a fantastic set. After his entrance song, he stated that he “came all the way from Toronto for this”. Getting the crowd going by asking “who’s already turned up” and hopping from one side of the stage to the next, a fantastic performer at the young age of 26. 

Lil Tjay

Next up The Bronx’s own Lil Tjay. Smoke cannons and an audio clip of the news report from when he got shot 7 times fill the building as concertgoers had their phones out waving the lights back and forth. As he enters, the crowd goes insane, jumping up and down and screaming for their favorite artist. 

Generally seeming excited to be in Halifax, he made for an exciting show. Lil Tjay’s DJ Dre Black asks, “Where the ladies at”, as the crowd roars, his hit song “Sex Sound” starts to play, and the entire crowd sings every word along with Lil Tjay. As the song finishes, he says he’s going to slow it down a bit and continues with his song “Foster Baby”, Dre Black asks the crowd to get their phone lights out once again to wave to the song. 

Lil Tjay spots a fan in the crowd and gets security to bring out this handpicked girl from the crowd, his song “2 Grown” featuring The Kid LAROI plays, and the girl from the crowd grabs the mic to start singing the back track. Lil Tjay then takes the mic back from her to finish off his song, the fan continues to dance with him on stage. Lil Tjay has disappeared from the stage for a moment, as the crowd stands there awaiting his next song, he pops up on the other side of the arena behind the production team running his own song and does another song before finishing the show. 

In Closing

The overall experience was incredible, both artists put on an energizing show. Halifax got an extra special treat with this one thanks to Evenko and the Scotiabank Center. 

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