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Lil Tjay in St. Johns

New York native Lil Tjay’s tour “The Good Life” kicked off with an unexpected twist when his plane landed in Deer Lake, Newfoundland due to inclement weather in St. John’s, Newfoundland. As the detour forced a one-day delay, turning April 4th into April 5th for the eager fans, anticipation only heightened as the fans stood waiting outside Mary Browns Centre that had lined-up about 400 meters filing down street were now set to head home for another night of suspense to wait for the man himself, Lil Tjay to stroll into town.


Opening the show was Kalan.Frfr who set the tone for the night, he hyped up the crowd and got them involved before he decided to jump into the crowd himself and danced with fans. As the audience’s anticipation peaked, chants of “TJAY, TJAY, TJAY” echoed through the venue, signaling the arrival of the long-awaited headliner.

Lil Tjay

From the moment Lil Tjay stepped into the spotlight, it was clear that he had the crowd’s undivided attention and support. Lil Tjays set started with emergency sirens and an audio recording of coverage from a news outlet in 2022 when he was involved in a shooting and was shot seven times. Launching into his set with his song “Nobody,” he effortlessly commanded the stage. With a carefully curated setlist of 26 tracks, hits like “Leaked,” “Sex Sounds,” and “Mood Swings” got the crowd singing along while creating an electric atmosphere that reverberated throughout the venue so loud, my ear plugs came in handy.

Despite the unexpected detour and rescheduling, Lil Tjay’s first tour stop in St.John’s proved to be a night to remember, showcasing a genre we don’t get the pleasure of housing too often here, i think this night definitely goes to show we need more R&B and Hip Hop brought to Newfoundland!! 

Lil Tjay and “The Good Life” tour will be touching down in a few other Canadian cities before taking it overseas to Dublin, Leeds, Milan, Barcelona and more! 

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