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Lizzy Mcalpine Live in NYC

On September 19th, 2022 Webster Hall hosted Lizzy Mcalpine Live in NYC with the opening act Carol Ades for the 15th show of the Five Seconds Flat tour, named after the release of Lizzy’s second and most recent album.

Carol Ades

Opening each night of the Five Seconds Flat tour is Carol Ades. For Carol, a New Jersey native, this NYC show is essentially her ‘hometown’ performance. Carol took the stage wearing the same outfit she wears in her “Brunette Caroline” music video, something she does for every show on this tour. I am a fan of Carol’s music and I must say, her voice is as passionate and beautiful live, as it is coming out of my car speakers. I had been really looking forward to seeing Carol perform because we’ve spoken several times over social media and she has always been so kind in her replies. After the show, Carol hung out in the lobby of the venue to speak to fans and you can rest assured that she is as sweet and down-to-earth in person as she is over Instagram DM.

Lizzy Mcalpine

If you don’t know who Lizzy Mcalpine is, you’re missing out. Although the singer has been writing and releasing music for years, she has recently been quickly moving up in the music scene. Considering her latest performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Show, her first headline tour was bound to happen pretty soon. Lizzy rocked the stage in a navy blue jumpsuit and brought a homey feeling with her, helped by the rug under her feet. A fan of Lizzy myself, I love that her setlist includes songs from all eras of her career, and it’s easy to tell fans in the crowd to feel the same. Lizzy’s set is sad, nostalgic, fun, and relatable.

She occasionally pauses between songs to give the crowd an inside scoop of her writing process and the inspiration behind some songs. Although she has support from her guitarist/pianist and drummer, Lizzy takes the stage by herself for many songs. As she says, that’s how they are originally written anyway, just her and her guitar. If you’re looking for a warm, pleasant concert with a touch of sadness and heartbreak, Lizzy Mcalpine’s tour is a great place to be. Although with every show being sold out, good luck getting a ticket.

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