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Louis Tomlinson In Asbury Park

Louis Tomlinson In Asbury Park along with Andrew Cushin, and Giant rooks hit the Stone Pony Summer Stage in the heat of the summer after a highly anticipated wait. Louis, Andrew and Giant had Asbury Park hopping off their feet the entire night with their electric energy and engaging personalities. The heat wave didn’t stop fans as hundreds of thousands of people wrapped around blocks down the Asbury Park streets.

Andrew Cushin Gets The Crowd Rollin

Andrew Cushin came out alongside his partner who was playing the keyboard. Andrew had his guitar in hand and was ready to go. Andrew performed many songs that had the fans jumping and singing, including his hit song ‘You Don’t Belong.’ Andrew also performed heartfelt songs which included “4.5%” which had the fans listening intently and feeling every emotion through Andrew’s voice and strumming of his guitar.

Giant Rooks Gets Rowdy

From the second Giant Rooks ran on stage you could tell they were going to own the stage, and that’s exactly what they did. Their energy did not stop once through the entire set, keeping fans on their toes! They played a wide variety of songs. Giant Rooks is known for their song “Tom’s Diner,” they climbed their way to well-deserved fame. Fans traveled from multiple states to see Giant Rooks perform! The weather was hot, but Giant Rooks really brought the heat!

Louis Tomlinson With A Night To Remember

Louis Tomlinson entered the stage with his sunglasses on and ready to rock. Fans were roaring, you could hear them from blocks away. Louis Tomlinson’s fanbase is extremely dedicated and that was shown throughout the entire night. Louis performed many of his hit songs, including ‘The Greatest, Kill My Mind, and Bigger Than Me’ which had fans going insane with excitement. Louis had an absolute blast on stage, you could tell that it was like a second home to him! Louis was ear to ear while playing with beach balls during his first song with fans! The energy was high, the music was blaring and Louis definitely gave everyone a night to remember!

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