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Maggie Rogers in Phoenix - Don't Forget Me Tour

Maggie Rogers in Phoenix – Don’t Forget Me Tour; this was a night I was thoroughly looking forward to. I heard from friends how incredible she was live and they weren’t wrong. This was night two of her highly anticipated Don’t Forget Me Tour, a show that had my full attention from the first beat to the last. 

The night begins with The Japanese House

The Japanese House, the indie pop solo project of English singer-songwriter and producer Amber Bain, lit up the stage with a cloudy sky backdrop reminiscent of her song “Saw You in a Dream”. The 11 song setlist starts with “Sad to Breathe” and takes the audience on a journey through songs that explore themes of love, identity, and personal growth. Bain showcases her ability to weave introspective lyrics with her signature blend of dreamy synths, incredible guitar work, and beautiful vocals. This performance set the perfect tone for the evening, leaving a lasting impression and priming the audience for the electrifying performance to follow.

Who is Maggie Rogers?

Maggie Rogers is an acclaimed American singer-songwriter and producer who seamlessly blends elements of folk, pop, indie, and electronic music. As she graduated from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in 2016 with a degree in music engineering and production and English. She continued onto graduate school at Harvard Divinity School and graduated in 2022 with a master’s degree in religion and public life. Continuing with expanding the writing and research of her MRPL degree, which explores the relationships of religion, spirituality, and pop culture from her vantage point as a performing artist.

She first gained national attention with her single “Alaska” back in 2016, which was praised for its ethereal melodies and evocative lyrics. She released her first EP, Now That the Light Is Fading, in 2017. Her first major-label studio album, Heard It in a Past Life, earned her a Best New Artist nomination at the 62nd Grammy Awards in 2020. Her second studio album, Surrender, was released in 2022. Then in April 2024 she released her third studio album, Don’t Forget Me, which continues to showcase powerful vocals and her ability to craft deeply personal yet universally relatable songs. Connecting her to a diverse fanbase in an intimate yet electrifying way.

Maggie Rogers lights up the night!

It is approaching 9pm and the audience is anxious with anticipation. The theatre lights go dark and the band takes their places on stage. Fans start to scream and whistle as their excitement builds, awaiting her arrival. Moments later, the stage lights turn up and the band begins to play the opening chords. Her silhouette starts to emerge from the back of the stage against a brightly lit, smoky backdrop as the room begins to roar. Dressed in a black leotard layered with black chiffon, black nylons and black knee-high boots, she struts down the stage risers with a glowing smile on her face as she begins the show with “It Was Coming All Along”.

I am a Maggie fan going into this show but not knowing what to expect, I can easily say I am already impressed after the first song. She rolls onto one of my favorite songs, “Drunk”, from her new album and I am trying to stay focused in the photo pit because all I want to do is dance. The excitement in the room is palpable as the sound pulsates through the theatre. The setlist continues with songs from her new album, then takes it back to her first EP with the song “Dog Years”. Then to her first major-label studio album with the funky beats of “The Knife”. Fully captivated at this point with how amazing she sounds live, I am now enjoying the show from my seat and I’m definitely not sitting down! 


We are now halfway through the setlist and she is completely feeling herself, connecting with the audience and vibing with her bandmates as she grooves to “Burning”. A few minutes later she brings us to her beautiful piano ballad, “I Still Do”, followed by an acoustic version of “Alaska”. The emotional silence is deafening while her angelic voice is so comforting, so pure. She shares a vulnerable moment and admits that this is the first tour she’s played piano on stage and then tells the audience, “Thank you for making me feel safe”. She continues that same sentiment throughout the show, saying that it’s so special coming back to places that are “the complete opposite” of where’s she’s from; being able to enjoy new experiences and make new memories.

The second half of the show includes her hit “Light On” and her new album’s title track, “Don’t Forget Me”. She closes out the show on a slower note with the song “All the Same” from her new album, in front of a monogram lit backdrop. I’ve never attended a show that didn’t have an energy packed encore. It felt like the last few cooldown minutes after a great workout. You remained connected to the moment, yet you knew it was coming to a close. Ending an incredible night on an emotional, but high note. 


Maggie Rogers in Phoenix – Don’t Forget Me Tour did not disappoint. As a photographer, Maggie makes it so enjoyable capturing her in her element. As a fan, her stage presence is so electric and contagious that you can’t help but dance and feel joy. She brilliantly captivates the audience with her powerful vocals, dynamic stage presence, and unwavering authenticity, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned within the music industry. I highly recommend carving out time in your schedule to go and enjoy a night out with Maggie. Make it a date night, take your best friend, take your neighbor, or roll solo. Not matter who you do or don’t go with, I promise you will not forget her!

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