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Magnetic World Music Festival in Halifax, NS

On October 7th, tropical storm Phillippe was meeting landfall in the small eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as well as a new festival for the Halifax area which started off with a bang of local talents such as JayTheKidd, DJ Blitz, Heads or Tails and Adrivnna showing the touring artists the homegrown talent of the host city. Followed was Halifax legend Quake Matthews who spit one of the best sets of the night, finishing it off with a tribute song to the children of late battle rapper Pat Stay.  

Starting out

Magnetic World had a whopping 5 headliners this year, the first one Joey “Bad Nonno” delivered an eruption of electronic EDM dance vibes for a crazy one-hour set. Having a hype guy made for the crowd to really get going for the insane night they still had to come.  

Next up from the UK was Corrupt UK, not as hyping as Bad Nonno, but just as much got the crowd dancing and screaming for more throughout the one-hour set.  

The next artist was an interesting set, DZEKO took the stage for the second time in the Magnetic World Festival (Moncton, 2022). At this point the crowd was really going nuts, the 8000 festival goers were crowding every inch of the barricades. Unfortunately, because of this, it was said that people were being injured and stage managers could be seen talking to DZEKO until the music stopped and his set was stopped nearly 30 minutes into his one-hour set. As he turned off the music and walked off stage, an announcement was made for everybody to take a few steps back if they wanted the music to continue for the rest of the night.  

Main Event

About 30 minutes went by as the crowd was anticipating the arrival of the big star of the night, the Memphis-born NLE Choppa. The crowd chanting “NLE” over and over really helped build the excitement throughout Citadel Hill. As his DJ dimmed the lights and screamed “Are you ready for NLE”, the crowd roared and raised their cellphones in the dimmed festival grounds. Out came Choppa, delivering an exciting set full of dancing across the stage and the crowd singing back every word of his songs throughout the whole set. Not what you’d expect from a rapper’s set, but it was entertaining the entire time, almost like a breath of fresh air from the norm of a rap concert.  

As the crowd started to thin out after NLE’s set, the next set was my favorite of the night. International artists DVBBS hailing from Toronto originally graced the stage with the most energetic set of the night, immediately standing on the DJ table to sing the famous words of their original songs. Alongside were two masked dancers who got the crowd even more hyped up (all smoking cannabis on stage throughout the set).  

In Closing

Besides a few obvious setbacks throughout the night, I’d say the first Magnetic World Music Festival was a rather huge success and a huge way to put Halifax on the map for bigger artists and entertainers to potentially come grace our wonderful city. 

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