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A Magical Sold Out Night with Maisie Peters and Grace Enger

A beautiful fall night brought in 2,500 witches to The Fillmore in Philadelphia for Maisies “The Good Witch Comes to North America.” Anticipation leading up to the show could be felt all throughout the streets of Philadelphia, adoring fans dressed up in their best witch fits, witch hats, and some of the funniest t-shirts i’ve ever seen!  

Grace Enger

Grace Enger, a Hoboken NJ native has joined Maisie on “The Good Witch Tour,” which kicked off in August of this year, raking in countless amounts of ticket sales and a lifetime of memories. Grace Enger holds over 112,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over millions of streams throughout her discography. Enger performed a variety of songs, including a Cyndi Lauper cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” which was definitely an innuendo for the night to come! Grace played an unreleased song called “Ruin,” fans could be heard joking around that it will “ruin” them if the song doesn’t get released asap! Enger had a calming yet captivating performance which really allowed you to listen to the music, and feel the lyrics. Maisie couldn’t have chosen a better opener for this tour, Grace is the perfect fit! 

Maisie Peters

Magical Maisie Peters, what could be better than spending an October night in Philadelphia with the United Kingdom’s favorite witch! Maisie Peters has made her mark in North America, headlining over 27 shows starting off in Minnesota and ending the 3 month tour off in Massachusetts. Maisie Peters, holds over 3 million monthly spotify listeners, and a well deserved hundreds of thousands of social media followers who showed up and showed out for Maisies tour! Maisie’s most popular songs including “Lost The Breakup, There It Goes, Not Another Rockstar, Body Better, and Run,” have over an astounding 75 million streams. Maisie Peters put on one of the most entertaining, aesthetically pleasing shows I have ever seen! Maisie sold out The Fillmore Philadelphia for 2,500 fans, giving the performance of a lifetime. Peters has arena energy, completely wowing the crowd throughout her entire set. 

Ending The Night Off

Maisie Peters can do it all, including comedy! Maisie had fans laughing throughout her set while cracking jokes, and asking fans their biggest red flag moments! One fan told Maisie that her ex boyfriend messaged her on pinterest asking for her to not get a restraining order, and the crowd never laughed harder. Maisie asked for the craziest red flag story and boy she got it! The night continued on with colorful outfits, amazing energy, and love filled throughout the venue. Maisie exclaimed this was a safe place for witches, and shared her love for everyone. From start to finish you could see how much work was truly put into this tour! Maisie shows so much support to her fans, all the love she receives is reciprocated tenfold, including an adorable personalized mic stand with bracelets she’s received from them! The Good Witch Comes to North America has unfortunately come to an end, Maisie exclaimed how much she will miss leaving Grace Enger in the states but that she hopes to be back soon! Next time Maisie tours, be sure to grab your tickets fast for a magical night filled with love, and incredible music!

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