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Mamamia! It's Måneskin!

Måneskin in Boston, MA. Italy’s hottest rock band has made its mark all over the world, racking in over 24 million monthly Spotify listeners and endless amounts of love from their supporters worldwide. Måneskin skyrocketed to fame after winning Eurovision in 2021, from busking on the streets of Rome to selling out arenas worldwide in only two years, the 4 young rock stars are making their world domination. Måneskin has everything and more that you could possibly want in a band. From lead singer Damiano David’s raw vocals which seamlessly flow, to guitarist Thomas Raggi’s unique style you can’t find anywhere else, to bassist Victoria DeAngelis’s hypnotizing bass skills, and drummer Ethan Torchio’s heavy hits, they are unstoppable.

Måneskin Hits The Stage

The red curtain was up, time was being counted down and you could feel the excitement through the arena. Supporters couldn’t contain their happiness, screams echoed in the arena as silhouettes of Damiano David, Victoria DeAngelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi flashed on the red curtain to the beat of their hit song “DON’T WANNA SLEEP.” The curtain dropped and it was show time! From Måneskins stage presence, outfits, and vibrant energy you couldn’t take your eyes off them! Måneskin played some of their most loved songs which included their unreleased song “THE DRIVER.” Despite the song being unreleased, supporters knew every single word. Måneskin also performed a Kendrick Lamar cover of “HUMBLE.” and it was one of the most entertaining performances, proving Måneskin can do it all! 

The Kool Kids

Throughout the entire night the energy did not stop once, especially when bringing fans on stage and rocking out to “KOOL KIDS.” The love shown to Måneskin from their supporters was something irreplaceable, seeing the utter dedication was something I have never seen before in that multitude. Måneskin not only shows their love for each other on stage being best friends but also includes their thousands of best friends in the crowd, joining in multiple times to stage dive and create intimate moments for fans they will never forget. Thomas Raggi and Damiano David make their way through the crowd to B Stage where they perform two acoustic covers of “TIMEZONE” and “IF NOT FOR YOU,”  I didn’t think it was possible for them to make the crowd feel more included and seen but having that intimate moment in the back with fans who couldn’t get to the front showed how they genuinely love interacting with everyone! 

Ending The Night Off With A Bang

Måneskin released their song “GASOLINE” in 2023, which is a beautiful tribute to the struggles Ukraine is facing. Måneskin performed “GASOLINE” on this tour accompanied by pyro. Their performance of “GASOLINE,” was one of the most powerful performances I have ever seen, you could physically feel how much raw emotion was put into it. Fans continued on dancing, singing, and absolutely rocking the night away at Boston’s TD Garden. The night was coming to an end, but not without the encore of “THE LONELIEST and I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE.” Måneskin could not have put on a better show, if I put every highlight to their show I’d be writing for days! Måneskin is meant for the stage, from what they stand for, to their pure dedication to supporters and making dreams come true. If you haven’t already, don’t wait, RUSH to buy yourself a ticket to Måneskin’s “RUSH!” World Tour!

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