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Matt Andersen live in Ottawa

Matt Andersen live in Ottawa and the big bottle of joy bring The Hello Darlins on their Canadian tour they stopped by Ottawa at the National Arts Centre and we were there to watch them rock out and jam the night away! 

The Hello Darlins

It was their first time coming to Ottawa and the first time for me seeing them and wow do they ever put on a show! If you are not familiar with this group, they are a collective of professional touring and studio musicians that came together to forge a distinct hybrid of country, gospel, and blues.

Candace, The lead vocalist can dance and has an incredibly beautiful singing voice that draws you in. You can feel the emotion she puts into her singing. Together the band is incredible and really passionate about what they do. During the performance, you can see all the feels their music gives the band. You get a sense of calm and peace that you just can’t help being swept away by with every second passing by. 

The Hello Darlins are an incredible band and one you should not miss out on seeing if they come to a city near you!

Matt Andersen

If you were at City Folk Fest last September, you saw Matt Andersen and the big bottle of joy rock that stage. This night was no different! When the band hits the stage, the crowd erupts but as soon as Matt walks on the crowd turns it up a notch and gets even louder! 

Matt has such a powerful voice the second he sings a note all eyes on him. His music is that big blues that hits you right in the soul rock. Being at a Matt Andersen show gives you all the feels! Aside from that feel-good blues music, he also has that rockin’ sound too and that’s just what he as well as the big bottle of joy did! 

With keys rocking, the guitar shredding, and bass slapping the band was rocking! To top it all off, the harmonizing of the trio of backup vocals of the band is just amazing to watch from start to finish! They all bring the biggest energy with even bigger laughs and smiles in between songs. With a packed venue, I’m surprised that the roof didn’t blow up with how loud the crowd cheered singing their hearts out. 

Matt Andersen and the big bottle of Joy are an absolute blast to see live and something you don’t want to miss out on!

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