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Meet Me At The Altar in NYC Brings Pop-Punk Girl Power

Meet Me At The Altar in NYC Brings Pop-Punk Girl Power on the Irving Plaza stop of their “Say It To My Face” tour.

As the lights went down and the crowd started cheering, “Tia Tamera” by Doja Cat played over the speakers. The crowd screamed every lyric in the dark until blue lights lit up the floor of the stage and the band came out. The show kicked off with the song “Same Language” and the audience was ready to dance. 

Meet Me At The Altar, or, MMATA, is comprised of three members. Lead singer Edith Victoria, guitar player Tea Campbell and drummer Ada Juarez. The band has a pop-punk vibe which isn’t immediately evident when looking at Tea and Ada, but becomes pretty clear when Edith shows up in her incredible outfits and rocking bright blue hair in spiky buns, face piercings, and loud black eyeliner. The group has great energy and the ability to very quickly get the crowd hyped and energized with their upbeat punk sound. 

Edith spoke about the fact that they are an all girl group and that she “love love loves girls” to which Tea responded “Ada and I love girls in a.. different way” which got a giggle out of everyone. The band encouraged the crowd to have an all-girl mosh pit so that women who usually don’t feel safe in mosh pits could have the experience, and they told fans who’ve never had the chance to crowd surf. Watching fans get lifted off their feet and passed around with huge smiles on their faces was one of my favorite parts of this show. I stood taking photos where each fan would be carried over the barricade by security to be let down from crowd surfing and each fan had a brighter smile than the last. 

Edith moved on to speaking about how most artists have songs that they love and wish they’d written, so the group played a mashup of songs each of them have this feeling about. Edith’s pick was “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, Ada went with “Take Me Away” by Christiana Vidal from the movie “Freaky Friday” and Tea closed it out with the Jonas Brothers banger “Burnin Up”.

MMATA has a terrific stage presence and makes great punk music while still holding onto their sweet personalities and delivering a great performance. What a night Meet Me At The Altar in NYC

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