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Megadeth in Halifax

The long-awaited return of Megadeth in Halifax did not disappoint. After a 13-year absence, the heavy metal icons descended upon the shores of the East Coast, closing their Crush The World tour with a bang. The city was buzzing as fans lined up around the block, eagerly awaiting a night of legendary heavy metal.


Opening the night was Oni, a Canadian prog metal force, who captivated the audience from the first note of their unreleased track, Silhouette. Mosh pits formed and cheers echoed as Oni delivered a solid setlist primarily drawn from their most recent album release, Loathing Light.

Bullet For My Valentine

Next up was Bullet For My Valentine, making their debut visit to Halifax. The UK outfit wasted no time diving into their explosive energy, starting off their night with Your Betrayal. A euphoric wave of nostalgia swept through the venue as fans sang along. The band delivered an impressive 10-track setlist that spanned across their entire discography, including my personal favourites Tears Don’t Fall and 4 Words (To Choke Upon). The crowd’s cry for an encore was felt throughout the building; a testament to the band’s unforgettable performance.


The chants of “Dave! Dave! Dave!” and “Megadeth! Megadeth! Megadeth!” reverberated through the venue. As the house lights dimmed and smoke billowed across the stage, the crowd erupted. They were barely containable once metal icon Dave Mustaine appeared on stage. With horns high and voices loud, fans throughout every inch of the building echoed back every word. Megadeth unpacked an incredible setlist full of fan favourites, including Symphony Of Destruction, Tornado Of Souls, and Trust. The iconic Vic Rattlehead even graced the stage with an appearance. The night reached its pinnacle with a double encore, closing out with Mechanix and Holy Wars… The Punishment Due.


Having the return of Megadeth in Halifax was a milestone that both veteran and newfound metalheads will cherish for years to come. The experience was a triumphant celebration of the genre’s power to unite, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s musical landscape. 

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