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Meghan Patrick stops in Ottawa

A stormy fall night didn’t deter a couple hundred flannel- and boot-wearing country fans from flocking Algonquin Common Theatre’s main entrance to attend Meghan Patrick stops in Ottawa for the ‘Greatest Show on Dirt’ tour. 

Kelsi Mayne

Without missing a beat, Kelsi Mayne (RN, actor, and now established country singer/ songwriter) quickly riled up the audience with an opening Little Big Town cover ‘Girl Crush’, alluding to her own girl crush on upcoming main act Meghan Patrick. The audience went wild, cheering and whooping throughout the song, then fell into a hushed fascination with supporting guitarist Dexter Frank’s flawless plucking during the following cover of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’. After playing an unnamed and yet-to-be-released song, Mayne soloed on her harmonica, encouraging audience members to hold up “any finger” for her song ‘Still not over you,’ joking that “this was an all-ages show”. Applause exploded as the opening act was beautifully wrapped up with ‘As I Go’, an original. Mayne’s jovial demeanor and raw talent both captivated the audience for her own set and gracefully facilitated an ever-growing anticipation for Meghan Patrick’s arrival.  

Meghan Patrick

The auditorium erupted into applause and cheers as Meghan Patrick, two-time CCMA award-winning country singer, energetically skipped onto stage. Fans laughed heartedly as Patrick took a shot and joked that now she’ll give us a chaser – promptly performing her original song ‘Chaser’. Patrick moves with instinctive ease and knows how to keep all eyes on her as she owns the stage, and last night she kept the crowd energized with her original songs ‘Wildest Dream’ and ‘Truck Breaks Down’. Patrick gently lowered the energy as she shared her new EP ‘Who Would I Be’ – a song that sheds insight into her journey of self-exploration and navigating the joys and grief of challenging life episodes. She continued on to courageously share her experience escaping an abusive relationship ten years ago, and how she hopes songs like ‘The Boy Who Cried Drunk’ function as words of encouragement for those facing similar circumstances.  

Ending the Night Off

These two strong female leads blew the audience away with their combined courage, sensitivity, humor, and talent. Maynes introduced a level of unmitigated joy and passion for her craft that was completely contagious; followed by Patrick’s act that took fans on a wild ride peppered with enthusiastic jokes and grounded conversation. From start to finish, you could see how much effort was put into this unforgettable night with Meghan Patrick stops in Ottawa! Be sure to grab tickets for Patrick’s remaining 2023 tour dates! 

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