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Meshuggah in Winnipeg

In a symphony of distortion and rhythmic chaos, Meshuggah, the Swedish avant-garde metal pioneers, descended upon Winnipeg’s Burton Cummings Theatre on November 30th, leaving a seismic impact that reverberated through the city’s metal scene. The night unfolded with the thunderous support of openers In Flames and White Chapel, creating a trifecta of sonic mayhem that had the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

White Chapel

White Chapel, with their unrelenting brutality, set the tone for the night. Phil Bozeman’s guttural growls cut through the air like a serrated blade, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. Songs like “Hickory Creek” showcased the band’s versatility, seamlessly transitioning from ferocious intensity to haunting melodies.

In Flames

Before Meshuggah took control, In Flames delivered a scorching set that showcased their evolution from melodic death metal pioneers to modern metal titans. Tracks like “Take This Life” and “Only for the Weak” elicited a sea of headbanging and raised fists from the crowd. Anders Fridén’s charismatic stage presence and the band’s tight performance solidified In Flames as a force to be reckoned with.


As the lights dimmed and the iconic Meshuggah logo lit up the stage, anticipation reached a fever pitch. The band, known for their complex polyrhythms and unconventional time signatures, wasted no time in plunging the audience into a sonic abyss with the opening notes of “Clockworks.” The venue transformed into a pulsating mass of bodies, each one surrendering to the hypnotic rhythm of Meshuggah’s progressive assault.

Meshuggah’s technical prowess was on full display as they flawlessly executed tracks from their extensive discography. “Bleed,” with its machine-gun-like precision, showcased the band’s ability to create controlled chaos, leaving the audience in awe of their musical mastery. The synchronization between drummer Tomas Haake’s polyrhythmic beats and guitarist Fredrik Thordendal’s mind-bending riffs was nothing short of mesmerizing.

The visual spectacle accompanying Meshuggah’s performance was equally impressive. A dynamic light show bathed the stage in hues of red, blue, and strobing white, enhancing the otherworldly atmosphere. The interplay between the visuals and the music created an immersive experience, pulling the audience deeper into Meshuggah’s sonic labyrinth.

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