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Mother Mother Live in Ottawa

Mother Mother Live in Ottawa was the cap off to a busy week for us this week. The Inside tour made its final stop on the Canadian leg of the tour so, of course, we had to be there. Supported by Monowhales, they made their way across Canada from Victoria to Ottawa bringing the party with them on the way. Now I personally wasn’t sure what to expect from these 2 acts never having seen them live but I was certainly not disappointed. The NAC played host to the final show, and this was actually the first time I’ve shot a show here. The house was packed front to back and on every level which made it slightly more interesting to shoot.


Now, this lighting was not exactly my favorite, but we made do. Self-described as 3 weirdos making music, Monowhales certainly bring energy to the stage. I wasn’t completely familiar with their catalog but that didn’t stop me from enjoying each track. Sally hit the stage and brought energy from start to finish taking control of that stage and making her own. The packed house couldn’t help but move in their seats dancing and singing each track along with the band. They played fan favs like Take It Back and RWLYD which the crowd ate up! I was very impressed and now a new fan.

Mother Mother

Now this one I am a little more familiar with. My wife is a fan and if you have ever turned on the radio there is a good chance you’ve heard one of their tracks. The lights dropped and the backing track started as they all made their way on stage. The stage was stripped down for maximum movement with simply a riser in the back for the drum kit and the bassist to call home. The music picked up and the harmonizing started, and the house was on its feet cheering. The lighting was amazing for having a stripped-down stage kit which gave you the feel of a large stadium concert in a smaller mid-sized venue.

They played a great mix of fan favs old and new so you know there was something for everyone to get excited about. One of my favorite things when going out to catch some live music is when you come across an artist or band that sounds the same if not better live than they do record. Mother Mother is one of those that hit that milestone for sure which not only made for a great show but a bigger fan for sure. This was a great night and the perfect way to end a week with Mother Mother Live in Ottawa and the support from Monowhales. 2 great bands amazing to see live so make sure if you get a chance to see them you take it.

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