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Movements live in Toronto - RUCKUS! Tour

"FOLLOW THE SOUND, YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST IT! JOIN IN THE CROWD, JOIN IN THE RUCKUS!" With Movements live in Toronto - RUCKUS! Tour at The Danforth Music Hall

We were set up for success, the night had no possible way to fail! Did the rain turn it into a flop? Absolutely not, it’s a post-sweaty mosh pit solution! Did the fact that I forgot my debit card at home while travelling to a different province for a show where they only took PHYSICAL CARD PAYMENTS for merchandise turn it into a flop? Absolutely not, I made new friends and e-transfers! 


Paerish kicked off the evening marking their first tour touching down in Canada and The United States. Hailing from Paris, France, Paerish has an alternative rock, emo, and indie rock blend which gives their set a very nostalgic feel.  My favourite songs from the set include “Amania”, “Undone”, and “Still There”. Paerish, who has opened for some iconic bands like Sum 41, PUP, and Mouth Culture, proved that their sound resonates powerfully with many, setting a high bar for the night.

Webbed Wing

Next up Webbed Wing, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, featuring members from Superheaven and sharing a record label (SideOneDummy Records) with Paerish. Their raw alternative rock and punk rock sound, sprinkled with grunge and emo influences, really drew in the crowd. They opened with “Further,” a track that immediately got heads banging. Personally my favourite songs in this set were “Jesus’s Age” and “For Real,” which showcased their gritty yet melodic style. 

Tigers Jaw

The tone shifted slightly with Tigers Jaw, from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Known for their heartfelt lyrics and melodic instrumentation, Tigers Jaw brought a unique dynamic to the lineup with their mix of indie rock, emo, and pop punk. The interplay of male and female lead vocals added a distinctive texture to their set, making songs like “June” and “Hum” stand out. Despite a different sound from the rest of the lineup, Tigers Jaw’s set was a refreshing and emotionally resonant interlude. My favourites from this set include “Reckless”, “New Detroit”, and “Plane vs Tank vs Submarine”.


Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for: Movements took the stage. From Orange County, California, Movements delivers a high-energy, STEAMY performance that puts the crowd in an absolute frenzy. Fans were treated to a setlist that started with new bangers from RUCKUS! like “Lead Pipe”, “Fail You” and “Killing Time”, we were then graced with “Cherry Thrill” and a mix of classics like “Seneca”, “Skin to Skin”, “Submerge”, “Deep Red” and “Kept”, though “I Hope You Choke” elicited a particularly enthusiastic response from the audience as bodies jumped, shouted, surfed, and shoved more than any other song. 

Something all bands on this lineup have in common is that they’ve all collaborated with Grammy-nominated record producer/audio engineer William Yip, whose Live at Studio 4 videos I would highly recommend looking into. This was my second time seeing Movements and my first time seeing any of the supporting acts, and as a closing thought, I have to say that I would travel again and again to see any of these acts.


In conclusion, Movements live in Toronto – RUCKUS! Tour was a triumph. Each band brought their unique sound and energy, creating a diverse yet cohesive concert experience. This night was exhilarating, cathartic, and easily one I will remember forever.

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