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Mxmtoon live in Toronto

Mxmtoon live in Toronto was the place for us recently as this was the second stop on the new tour. Hidden Beats got the chance to sit down with Maia aka Mxmtoon last year to talk about some new music, so it made perfect sense to want to check out the live show. The crowd was in full force for the night even with younger kids there with their parents. There was singing and even some parts of the crowd playing smash or pass on 1 person’s phone. It almost reminds you of a high school concert you might have wanted to go to back in the day.

Chloe Moriondo

Opening up the night, Chloe was humble from the start with the All-female band ready to play their pop-punk hits. Taking the time to interact with the fans in between tracks, Chloe talked about having been to Toronto once before. There were also stories about Chloe shaving hair for the Body Bag music video and even her blind pooch Sammy. Having a recent EP Puppy Love, the band played tracks new and old like I Eat Boys and Puppy Luv from the new EP. It was really cool to see the mix of instruments during the songs. Ending out this set was Hell Houndz marking a new era with a tweak to the band’s sound. Pretty awesome.


Now the main event for the night. The tour has just started and Toronto was day 2 so this was going to be as fresh as can be for the whole time. This was also a big step for Maia being a first-time out touring and the excitement of the fans made it that much better. Not going to lie it was nice hearing that Toronto was a nicer crowd than Montreal either haha. It was funny hearing about getting used to Canadian currency with Mxmtoonies and Toonies. One of the fans also made a stuffed crochet octopus for Maia which got thrown on stage and the crowd helped name Toonie. The new album Rising was also talked about which is coming out May 20th!

The crowd was excited with all the tracks like Falling for You, Sad Disco, and even Frown which isn’t even released yet. You can tell that Maia loved being on stage enjoying every moment, moving, and having fun. Chloe came out to replace Carly Rae Jepsen for Ok on Your Own and played the Ukulele which was fun. The band left the stage and made things a little more intimate for a couple of solo tracks connecting with the fans deeper. Finishing off the night with an encore which included one of the biggest hits Prom Dress made it all come full circle.

Mxmtoon live in Toronto was a great night. There was lots of fun music and a great crowd. Chloe brought the energy and Mxmtoon brought it all home. If you get the chance, you better make sure you check out this great show when it comes to a city near you.

Photos by: Yousef | Review by Nafanta Fadiga – For more info send us a message here

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