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Night Lovell hometown show in Ottawa

I made my way out to Night Lovell’s hometown show in Ottawa because it was 100% going to be a crazy show. I work with The Diamond Mine Agency regularly on shows in Ottawa and this one going to be one of the first hip hop shows coming out of lockdown, so it was going to be insane. Ottawa hip hop community is probably one of the craziest out there and they made sure to sell out the show and packed the house at The Brass Monkey. Brass Monkey is one of the best venues in the city to enjoy some live music with some amazing staff, so we always love it here. Not uncommon, the police made sure to show up as the doors were about to open to make sure their presence was felt because of course they expected things to be wild.


Opening the night for this tour was Shakewell. When Shakewell was added to the tour for the support it made the show that much more intense. Well known on the scene for working on projects with artists like Pouya, he leaves it all out on the stage every time he performs. We brought him through the crowd as the backing track started and from the second, he hit the stage the energy was nonstop. By this point, the venue was packed and it was insanely hot which didn’t seem to bother the people. Playing fan favs Shake was going crazy on the stage rocking out and throwing kicks and just being crazy. I got to chat with him after and what a stand-up guy, so laid back and just happy to be doing his thing.

Night Lovell

It’s that time of the night for the main event. We made a path and the stage lights picked up with the backing track in play. Night Lovell came through the pathway and hit the stage with an explosion of fan cheers. At this point, everyone was a sweaty mess but man they sure didn’t care. One thing Night is known for is going hard from start to finish and expects the same from the fans. In standard Night Lovell fashion, he demanded the pit be made and the crowd went wild! There was so much excitement from the fans people were starting to even get dehydrated. We helped the people outside for some fresh air and made sure everyone was safe while the rest of the nut jobs in the pit kept up the craziness.

Playing crowd favs like Joan of Arc made sure all the fans got a little taste of something they enjoy. This show was absolutely wild and I for one always enjoy those ones because you never know what you are going to get but you are sure to get a good time. Shakewell was amazing and I for one am looking forward to his next time in town. Diamond Mine Agency always brings the best of the best to town, so we have to give it up to them and Brass Monkey for being a killer host. Night Lovell hometown show in Ottawa was an absolute success and one hell of a time and I am looking forward to the next time.

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