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OhGeesy live in Ottawa

OhGeesy live in Ottawa stops by to bring the Geezyworld tour in support of the recent release of the Geezyworld album. On deck to get the crowd in the mood were a select handful of Ottawa locals with 404 Vincent, 24Yaro, and JLoud. These gentlemen were tasked to start the party and make sure people were there to party. A last-minute add-on was the talented young artist Portion who was tagging along with the tour. It was an energetic set that you can never go wrong with.

Young Hawaii Slim

Opening for OhGeesy is the charismatic Young Hawaii Slim. This man brings big energy and good vibes to the stage. Along with his rapping, he loves to get down and move. He is always dancing when he’s not singing and when he’s not dancing he’s in the crowd. Slim brings his energy and gives it to the crowd and they give it right back 10x. You can see he really loves being on stage and performing with his friends. He is all smiles and gets you hyped up for the night. 


BlueBucksClan is a rap duo of DJ and Jeeezy, born and raised in the city of South Los Angeles. These high school friends have been inseparable since. From playing football as kids to forming one of the hottest rap duos. These guys bring the fire and hype when they hit the stage. 

These guys don’t really like to spend much time on the stage and basically spent the majority of the night with the crowd of fans. You can really see and feel that they love what they do. You see the love and appreciation they have for their fans, especially when mid-set they started throwing their merch into the crowd. BlueBucksClan knows how to party and get a crowd going. Their big and positive energy gets you really hyped up and it’s easy to see why these guys are on fire! 


Closing out the night is the man himself, OhGeesy. Coming off a crazy performance at the first ever Rolling Loud Music Festival in Toronto the anticipation was high for the show in Ottawa. With the crowd all warmed up, he comes running in to keep the party going. Instantly you feel his good vibes and know he’s here to bring the heat. It doesn’t take long before he’s out front with the crowd and getting them involved. 

Like the other performers, this man loves to be on the stage and you can see that in his eyes. He makes sure to really involve himself with everyone and the more energy the people give, he goes that much harder. It’s a party when OhGeesy hits the stage and he wants to make sure that everyone knows it. Halfway through the set, he calls for a mosh pit, that’s when the party turned up a notch!

A VIP meet and greet which a select amount of fans were lucky to grab got them the chance to meet OhGeesy and grab a picture and some autographs. He also made sure to take the time and everyone who went home with a piece of merch got it signed also which is a true case of class and looking out for your fans. It’s no surprise why OhGeesy is one of the hottest rappers right now. If you have the chance to see this man do not miss it. 

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