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Old Dominion No Bad Vibes in Ottawa

Last night was the first Canadian date for Old Dominion No Bad Vibes in Ottawa and it was a party on a Friday night. January started off a little light with concerts but when Old Dominion came across my desk, I was excited since this was going to be my first time seeing the guys live. CTC is always a great venue to head to and doesn’t hurt that I live like 5 minutes away so great way to end the work week!

Steven Olsen

Opening the night was the talented Steven Olsen. I got to check out Steven a little while back at the Boots and Hearts festival, so I knew what to expect getting into this one. The big theme for this tour is the classic Nashville Whiskey jam which brings a lot of incredible music history and music, the theme was right on point. The jam band was amazing, and dynamic and rocked out with Steven to make sure to set the stage for the night the right way. One of my favorite things about going to concerts is when the artist drops some new music for the live fans and Steven did just that which the crowd ate up!

Shawn Austin

Up next, Shawn Austin grabbed the mic and kept the party going. Following suit, he brought out some new music for the fans which was great to hear. One of my favorite things about Shawn is how he uses the stage and interacts with fans. He made sure to hit every part of the unique stage step up for the venue and cover all the bases for all the fans around he could connect with. Having several openers for a show means you typically get a little less time on the big stage, but Shawn made sure to take advantage. This was another great way to keep the night going and showcase a talented artist the right way.

Frank Ray

Rounding out the openers is Frank Ray. I’ve heard Franks’s name before but never really was exposed to his music which means a fresh one for me. Frank is a man after my own heart coming out with an amazing Hawaiian shirt on ready to have some fun. He brought great energy and a great sound to the stage which made my night that much better. For sure made a new fan in me and ill have to check out more from him for sure. He brought out a drink and signed the plastic cup for a fan which for me was hilarious but probably made that fan’s night! Great time.

Old Dominion

The No Bad Vibes Tour made its first Canadian Stop and the boys loved it! The Nashville natives were ready to jam and get those feet moving and they didn’t disappoint with all the fans on their feet. The venue wasn’t a complete sell-out night but it was damn near close! I’ve listened to some of the Old Dominion hits before and seeing them live for the first time was going to be fun. Mathew Ramsey makes for a great frontman bringing lots of energy and fun. With a 20+ song set list, there was something for fans old and new which always makes for a perfect experience for everyone. The number of cowboy hats out tonight filled the floor almost covering the crowd completely. And let’s no honest, who doesn’t get a kick out of a bearded dude carrying around a little xylophone on such a big stage?

In Closing

Great night for music with Old Dominion No Bad Vibes in Ottawa. Steven Olsen, Shawn Austin, and Frank Ray got the party started and Old Dominion shut it down for a great start to the weekend. Make sure if you get your shot to check out the tour in a city near you – Info right here

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