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An Early Morning With Superstar Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo welcomes the early morning frenzy of fans for her live debut Today Show Performance. Olivia Rodrigo starts off the morning by soundchecking which leaves fans in absolute awe. 20 year old Olivia Rodrigo, joins fans on her album release day for her newest album ‘GUTS’ in The Big Apple, supported by love and excitement. Rodrigo is joined by Today Show’s very own Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer, and Craig Melvin who welcome Olivia with open arms. 

Rodrigo’s Rise to Fame

Olivia Rodrigo has been no stranger to the stage, starting her acting career at age 12. Rodrigo’s rise to fame took off when she landed her role on the hit TV show ‘High School Musical: The Musical – The Series.’ Rodrigo started teasing clips on social media for her now hit song “Drivers License,” in 2021. To say “Drivers License,” skyrocketed would be an understatement. “Drivers License” held a spotify record for receiving the most streams in a single day. “Drivers License,” opened up a door for Rodrigo as well as her adoring fans who related so heavily to the music she was releasing. Although Olivia has become one of the most well known artists of our generation she exclaims to Today Show Host, Hoda Kotb that music and fame has changed her life in many ways but that she still remains the same Olivia. Rodrigo stated that she still has “the same 3 friends” prior to her rise to fame, and still enjoys living a quiet life which includes recording in her living room and going for drives with her best friends to relax and have fun.

Olivia Talks Guts and How Music Has Changed Her Life

Rodrigo talks GUTS, and more! Today Show hosts ask Olivia how the album title “GUTS” came to life, Rodrigo chose the title because it has multiple meanings to it. Olivia wanted fans to be able to interpret the album how they chose fit, whether it be having guts to conquer a situation, trusting your gut, or whichever feels right for the listener! Olivia could be seen laughing and joking Dylan Dreyer that if her previous release of her hit song “Vampire” was successful that she was going to treat herself to a cherry red convertible, despite the outpour of success on “Vampire,” Olivia states she hasn’t picked her car out just yet! Today Show Host, Hoda Kotb touches on how fans were lined up since the night prior, and how this might be one of the biggest crowds in Today Show History with lines stretched all the way to Rockefeller center and further. Olivia says how “excited and grateful” she is to be able to share such a lovely day with The Today Show cast and her loving fans. 

Olivia Hits The Stage

Olivia returns to the stage to perform 4 songs which include “Drivers License, Good 4 U, Vampire,” and newest release song off of “GUTS,” “Get Him Back,” which she performed for the first time. Olivia is seen sporting an adorable outfit accompanied by a ring that has “GUTS” on it showing off her album release! Rodrigo had one of the most expressive performances, you could see the emotion and lyrics on her face with every lyric she sang. Olivia wouldn’t have been able to do it without her incredible band providing insane beats and musical capabilities as well! Shock is seen on Rodrigo’s face as her performance of “Get Him Back” comes to a conclusion, despite the song being released mere hours prior to performance, fans knew EVERY single lyric. Today Show Hosts express how not only is this one of the biggest crowds but this performance holds the most Today Show Cast family members in the crowd! As Rodrigo’s performance and interview comes to a conclusion, she steps off stage to greet fans in the crowd. Fans are seen sobbing, hugging Olivia, taking selfies, and expressing their unmeasurable love for her. Some favorite moments of Rodrigo’s time at the today show included Savannah Gurthie holding up her phone to Olivia which wrote “play drivers license,” Olivia’s performance and interview will go down in history. Go stream “GUTS,” out now on all streaming platforms!

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