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Overflow Indie Review May 30 ft. Amanda Kelly, Mark Lloyd, Joe Roberts

Amanda Kelly and Mark Lloyd live in Ottawa at Overflow Brewery was a night of music that was both enjoyable and memorable. The style of the venue, combined with the excellent performances of Amanda, Mark, and Joe Roberts, created a pleasant experience for the intimate audience. Each artist brought their own strengths to the stage, resulting in a night that was a worthwhile outing for those in attendance.

Amanda Kelly and Mark Lloyd

Amanda Kelly and Mark Lloyd performed together for the entire show, delivering a cohesive set that highlighted their synergy. Their voices blended well, creating a soothing and engaging atmosphere. The duo’s chemistry was apparent, and their harmonies were tight. Their acoustic setup, with minimal instrumentation, allowed their vocal talents to shine through, creating a warm and inviting vibe.

The setlist featured a mix of jazzy tunes and acoustic numbers, showcasing Amanda and Mark’s versatility as musicians. They moved seamlessly between songs, maintaining a steady, relaxed tempo throughout the night. The audience, seated close to the stage, appreciated the mellow, intimate nature of the show, responding with polite applause and occasional cheers.

Highlights of the evening included their rendition of classic jazz standards and some original compositions. Amanda’s soulful voice and Mark’s smooth guitar playing complemented each other well. The show provided a steady flow of enjoyable, easy-listening music that suited the intimate setting of Overflow Brewery. The audience seemed engaged and appreciative, making for a pleasant and memorable evening.

Joe Roberts: A Strong Finale

Joe Roberts closed the evening with a performance that matched the quality of the preceding acts. His entrance was greeted with enthusiastic applause, and he quickly settled into his set. Joe’s stage presence was steady, and he engaged with the audience in a straightforward, no-frills manner.

Joe’s set featured a collection of original country songs that showcased his songwriting skills. His performance was heartfelt, with Joe demonstrating his vocal and instrumental abilities. His connection with the audience was genuine, as he shared stories behind his songs and engaged with fans in a relaxed and personable manner. Joe’s performance was well-received by the intimate crowd, adding to the night’s overall success.

The night culminated in a memorable encore featuring Amanda Kelly, Mark Lloyd, and Joe Roberts together on stage. They performed a medley of classic rock songs that had everyone on their feet, singing along with enthusiasm. The collaborative effort was a nice touch, rounding out the evening with a sense of camaraderie among the artists.

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