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Passenger Live in Ottawa

What a great way to end the weekend than taking in Passenger Live in Ottawa on Sunday. Hidden Beats had a busy weekend so having this show to round out the weekend was perfect. I have been a fan of Passenger for a while, so I was excited to see him live finally especially now that music is back. I got to Bronson Center early because parking is always a nightmare and let me tell you I wasn’t early enough. The lineup was around the building, down the block, and on to the next block well before the doors even opened.

Old Sea Brigade

Opening up the night is Old Sea Brigade. This one is new to me as I have never heard his music, but it was very easy to see how perfect he was for this tour. The stage was empty which made for the perfect intimate show. Stripped down to a couple of guitars and a foot pedal with a mic are the tools for the evening. OSB took the time to chat with the fans between his set telling stories as he goes. He was excited to be playing in Ottawa but made sure to tell everyone he planned on playing depressing music even if the fans were loving it. One of the songs he played was actually a new unreleased song 5 AM Paradise which is coming up on his next release and is going to be a great one judging by that track.


It’s time now for Passenger to hit the stage and let me tell you this crowd was waiting eagerly. Once the lights dimmed and the spotlight came on, they exploded. He started out the night with Survivors and the whole place were singing every word along with him as he played. For those who don’t know Passenger hails from Brighton in the UK, and he has such a great voice live which you can’t always say about an artist.

He took the time between tracks to talk to the fans also telling them how excited he was to be playing again after no live shows for more than a year. He told us a story about trying to set up a warmup show at a local stop in Brighton his friend owned which should have been great. Being nervous and being fed all the free drinks one could want he ended up forgetting his own music. Lucky, he said there was only something like 14 people there but one of his lowest points.

Making sure to play a diverse setlist he played all the fan favs including my own personal favorite Let Her Go. I won’t tell you the complete setlist because you should be there to see it for yourself. Needless to say, Passenger Live in Ottawa did not disappoint. Old Sea Brigade was a perfect opener and Passenger was the perfect way to end the evening. If you get a chance to see Passenger live, please do so. It’s such a wonderful way to enjoy live music.

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