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Queens Of The Stone Age in Halifax

It may have been a brisk Wednesday, but that didn’t prevent concertgoers from bringing the heat to the Scotiabank Centre to catch Queens Of The Stone Age in Halifax. The band closed out the Canadian leg of their The End Is Nero tour to a feverish crowd, bringing along British rockers The Struts for the party.

The Struts

I wasn’t familiar with this rock band before the show, but they had my immediate attention. They’ve got a catchy sound and a dynamic stage presence. Luke Spiller had said in an interview several years ago that they got their name from a comment that was made to him one day – that he “struts around a lot” – and definitely lives up to that reputation. He pitted each side of the arena into a cheering match, bringing the buzz in the crowd to electrifying heights. The band played a great set that included popular tracks like “Body Talks”, “Kiss This” and “Could Have Been Me.” I would gladly check out The Struts again.

Queens Of The Stone Age

I’ve been listening to Queens Of The Stone Age since high school, and their last Halifax visit in 2008 was my first concert ever, so I was very excited to make the transition from crowd member to photo pit photographer for this one. The energy in the crowd was palpable from the second the band stepped onto the stage. They kicked off their nearly two-hour setlist with “No One Knows,” one of my personal favourites, and rocked through a stacked list of songs that spanned across most of their extensive discography; “I Sat By The Ocean” and “Little Sister” were among the list, and a crowd request of “Sicily” was granted. The band brought out Bubbles of Trailer Park Boys’ fame for a guest appearance on “Make It Wit Chu” as a fun surprise, but also came with some inappropriate remarks that definitely raised some eyebrows. Despite this, they wrapped up the night with a fantastic double encore featuring “Go With The Flow” and “A Song For The Dead.”


This was one of the loudest and best face-melting concerts I’ve been to in a while. Having Queens Of The Stone Age in Halifax gave the city an incredible night of music and hopes that the band won’t wait another 16 years to visit us again.

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