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Ryan Beatty in Chicago

At 7:25 PM on Monday, March 4th, I found myself standing within the confines of Thalia Hall, eagerly awaiting Ryan Beatty in Chicago. While scouting for a suitable location to set up my camera equipment for the evening, I couldn’t help but notice a confluence of events unfolding simultaneously. The merchandise line teemed with anticipation as fans eagerly sought Ryan’s vinyl album. The aroma of freshly popped popcorn evoked nostalgic memories of childhood visits to the theater. Glancing at the gradually filling second-level seating, I discerned the palpable excitement permeating the room, signaling the imminent commencement of the show. The anticipation and joy radiating from the concertgoers’ faces as they eagerly awaited their beloved artist’s performance was unmistakable.

The Show begins

At precisely 8:15 PM, Thalia Hall plunged into darkness as Ryan graced the stage to commence his set. As he delved into renditions from his recent album “Calico,” a remarkable phenomenon unfolded before my eyes, one I had never witnessed at any previous concert. The audience began to softly sing along, mindful not to disrupt Ryan’s stage presence. This gentle chorus resonated with me, prompting me to swiftly capture Ryan’s intimate moments on stage. Following the thunderous applause that accompanied the conclusion of the first song, Ryan seamlessly transitioned into his rendition of “Cinnamon Bread.” Amongst the repertoire, this piece resonated deeply with me:

"Infinite jest and cinnamon bread, Why don't you make yourself at home? When you open, you close me in and cut me to the bone, Close as a kiss on the lip to the southern tip until you're red in the face, Now you've got nothing to say, now you've got nothing to say, Spring, summer, fall, you were standing tall winning all of your basketball games."

As the evening ended, Ryan graciously acknowledged the standing ovation from the crowd before exiting stage left. Amidst the post-performance ambiance, characterized by smiles, animated discussions, and the showcasing of vinyl records, I departed Thalia Hall with a profound appreciation for Ryan Beatty’s demonstration of gratitude, humility, passion, and consummate showmanship. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Ryan’s artistry on a grander stage in the future, and I would enthusiastically volunteer to cover his performance once more. Lastly, to those unacquainted with Ryan Beatty’s work, I assure you that his name will soon resonate within broader musical circles. 

In Closing

For those yet to experience this composition, I wholeheartedly recommend immersing oneself in its evocative melodies. Ryan Beatty in Chicago was great.

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