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Shinedown Headlines in Anaheim

Shinedown Headlines in Anaheim. This was their first time headlining at the Honda Center and it was on their last stop of the Planet Zero 2022 US Tour. Shinedown seems to make rounds in every generation and as a fan myself it was absolutely insane to see the impact, they have firsthand. Shinedown is a group that’s been around for quite a while but electrifies every show.

John Harvie

John Harvie opened the night by hyping the crowd up with his song “A little bit longer”. As the night went on John truly proved himself as an artist to watch. He has a huge stage presence with his insane energy and new-age rock sound. As his set ended, he closed out with “Bleach (On the Rocks) which left fans wanting more.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll by far exceeded every expectation fans had with his performance. His energy was out of this world and had fans on their feet loving every second. He opened the set with his song “The Hate Goes On” which had fans riled up and ready for more! Jelly Roll is an artist that’s been around for awhile but has really been breaking-through and gaining mass popularity throughout this last year.

His releases “Son of A Sinner” and “Save Me” have soared him to mass heights in the music industry, both of which he performed this night. As he geared towards his last few songs, you could hear fans start chanting “Save Me” which is the song he closed out his set with. As he started singing this song, fans started to overtake his vocals with how loud they were singing the song back to him. Jelly Roll got a bit emotional but powered through the song and closed out by thanking the crowd and saying, “I’ll see you again soon, California”.


The main event of the night and hands down the best performance I have ever witnessed, Shinedown. This band has been around for the last two decades, forming back in 2001. The stage lit up and videos of Shinedown started to play on the big screen, fans were screaming and chanting their name. The lights dropped low out, and the stage screen began to open up where Shinedown walked out and took their positions as they were looking out at the crowd opening up with “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo”.

As a photographer, you hope to get pyros within the first three songs but sometimes that, unfortunately, doesn’t happen, well with Shinedown, we got more pyros than we could’ve ever expected which led to getting some absolutely insane shots! They had fans on their feet the entire night, even the crowd in the upper levels on their feet jumping! To end the night, they performed one of their most well-known songs “Sound of Madness”. What a way to end the night and leave fans extremely happy with their set.

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