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Slipknot Live at Canada Life Centre

What a way to experience my first stadium-level show than shooting Slipknot Live at Canada Life Centre last night. I’ve been shooting live music for a while but last night checked off some marks on my bucket list. Coming out of lockdowns and mandates I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Knotfest Roadshow 2022 had everything on point which not only made me feel at ease but allowed everyone to enjoy the show a little more.

Wage War

On this leg of the tour, Wage War started the night out strong. This band was well worth the wait as I have been waiting to see them since they had to drop the Winnipeg date off their tour back in 2016 with Chelsea Grin. This five-piece metalcore band from Florida hits hard and never disappoints. The breakdowns are heavy, the vocals are strong, and the crowd ate it up. This was the perfect band to start out this amazing night.

In This Moment

On deck, In This Moment brings the stage to life! A visual masterpiece that I couldn’t take my eyes off. Maria Brink has such strong vocals she filled the stadium and the theatrics to round it out. Hailing from LA, Maria and guitarist Chris Howorth put together an amazing group back in 2005 and we are getting to experience that almost 2 decades later. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get up front and shoot for this one but it certainly allowed us to sit back and enjoy the show.


Our main event for the evening is the amazing Slipknot. This one is a dream come true as I’ve been a fan for a long time now. This tour brings everyone out and packs the house which is something we haven’t seen in a few years now! The stadium was packed with screaming fans, the fire was hot, the stage kits the amazing graphics, and who can forget those horror masks. No matter where you looked you always had something wild to see. The legendary Corey Taylor’s vocals were nothing short of captivating and the energy coming off the stage was unmatched. Needless to say, if you ever have the chance to get to a Slipknot show make sure you do it…. you won’t be let down.

Last night was a dream! Getting to see Slipknot Live at Canada Life Centre was everything! Wage War was something I’ve been waiting for years now and In This Moment made the night complete. Epic show and I can’t wait to get out and do it all over again!

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