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Slipknot live in Ottawa

Slipknot live in Ottawa happened this weekend and let me tell you that this was probably one of the craziest shows I’ve been to in a long time. Knotfest has been making their way across the country in 2 legs of this tour, the first had Wage War opening for them on the west coast and the east was Cypress Hill. Not only am I a fan of Slipknot but I am also a huge hip hop fan so the chance to see both in one night was insane! Canadian Tire Center was the only place to put on this level of a show and the staff worked overtime to make it happen. To keep everyone safe we had full covid protocols in place including an on-site test to be done before we were able to cover the show.

Unfortunately for everyone, HO99O9 was supposed to start the night off but they had to pull out last minute which left a space to fill so everyone moved things up just a little bit. The house was packed so the fans didn’t mind getting to the music earlier.

Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill is a legendary piece in the hip-hop scene so when I found out I got to shoot this one I was stoked! I personally am a huge fan of old-school hip hop and Cypress Hill has some of the most iconic tracks out there. DJ Lord started off the night spinning a crazy mix until B Real hit the stage with the biggest joints I’ve ever seen! That ionic voice started up and the track started for I Wanna Get high an the fans went crazy. He followed it up quickly with Dr. Greenthumb and the party was in full swing. The crowd was jumping, the smoke was flowing and the vibe was electric. The perfect mix of drums and DJ mixing brought the songs to life for those fortunate enough to be there live. We were left Insane In the Brain with the Rock Superstar.


The main event for the night and possibly one of the most epic shows I’ve seen, Slipknot. Having been on the scene since the 90s, this hardcore group is nothing short of insane. The setup was one of the wildest I’ve seen for the size of the stage and they made use of every part of it. When the lights lowered and the music started we knew it was going to be a loud one in the pit. The curtain fell revealing the stage and Corey Taylor’s powerful voice grabbed the crowd! Disasterpiece was first up and it was insane. The crowd went nuts and the crowd suffers made their way forward. The stage was so crazy you would miss something if you blinked. One of my absolute favorite tracks has always been Before I Forget and I was lucky enough to get to see that live and in person.

A photographer always hopes for a few legendary shots. The hair flip, the jump, and the most important of all is the pyro and we were treated to some amazing pyro! Not going to lie, I left that photo pit with a little more sweat on my face from the heat of those fireballs. The whole show was an event from start to finish. Capping off the end of the night Corey and the rest of the band shredded an amazing encore the fans wouldn’t soon forget. All in all this one is a show to remember seeing Slipknot live in Ottawa with Cypress Hill on one stage. Absolutely perfect show to end the weekend with.

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