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Snoop Dogg in Halifax

Monday night saw the return of the hip hop legend Snoop Dogg in Halifax, Nova Scotia after a 15-year hiatus from our city. With a nearly sold-out crowd packed into the Scotiabank Centre, Snoop and some incredibly special guests gave an unforgettable set for the east coast’s biggest city.  


Starting the night out was Canadian rapper Merkules, hailing from Vancouver BC he is the first Canadian on Death Row Records. Giving appreciation to Snoop for bringing him out on this tour, as just a few years ago he was headlining shows in Halifax with 150 people. Having a Canadian start out the Cali to Canada tour I think was a great additive to the already stacked line up. Merkules could be seen in the crowd after his set, enjoying the rest of the show, showing his true respect for Snoop and the hip hop world.  

DJ Quik

DJ Quik was the first west coast legend to grace the Scotiabank Centre stage of the night, having worked with other hip hop staples such as Tupac, R. Kelly and even Shaq O’Neal, his set made for a great way to get the crowd going for the night to come.  

Warren G

Another west coast hip hop star, and someone who made a significant impact on Snoop Dogg’s career, including introducing him to Dr. Dre and subsequently getting him signed. Warren G made a huge impact in the 90’s, as an original pioneer of G-Funk, he made a big break with songs with west coast rapper Nate Dogg. Warren G had the crowd out of their seats singing along and really brought out the west coast California hip hop vibes to the room. Also appearing later in the night with his friend Snoop Dogg to honor the late Nate Dogg.  

Snoop Dogg

The room went dark for a moment, and then lights blared from the middle of the stage, as the screens opened like a door and a classic west coast low-rider vehicle emerged from the billowing smoke. Out of the car came Snoop D-O-DOUBLE G. The crowd screamed as the headlining Snoop stepped out smoking a blunt, hardly visible with his arms held high. 

Starting the set out with the Dr. Dre song “The Next Episode” and then heading to the classic “Boyz-N-the-Hood” remix. Snoop continued the night with a number of covers from the west coasts hip hop scene, and even popped in his feature on the Katy Perry classic “California Girls”.  


During Snoop’s set, he took a short break as the recently reunited The Dogg Pound came out and performed a full set of their own, which was a huge treat as nobody expected to be graced with them during this show.  


Snoop then came back out and performed another 11 songs with features from The Lady of Rage, Warren G, and The Dogg Pound. Finally ending the night, so we thought, there was one song missing that the crowd wanted… Snoop came back for an encore performing his huge hit “Gin & Juice”.  

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