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Today our Spotlight – Ayla Tesler-Mabé. This isn’t the first time Ayla has spent some time with us at Hidden Beats, previously talking to us as part of the trio in Ludic. Ayla took some time to put together a new solo track and is here to talk about her growth in music until now! Check it out and show some love.

For new readers can you tell us a little bit about you?

I started playing music with the intention of being some sort of guitar hero, and while I still feel that way to an extent, I’d now identify as an artist more so than just a guitarist. I realized that I cared about the entirety of the song more than just the guitar solo, and that led me on a quest to really develop and push myself as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. I just love music, maaaaaaaaaan!

How did you get into music growing up?

Music always provided a soundtrack for all of the important parts of my childhood, and much to the annoyance of my family, I had my headphones on at almost all times. I did take singing lessons from a young age, but the video game Rock Band is really what made me fall in love with the idea of PLAYING music. Once I played The Beatles Rock Band, there was no going back.  I felt this desperation to be just like them (especially Paul McCartney!), and that led to me doing whatever it took to get an instrument in my hands. I started with the cello in the school orchestra, but a few years later got into the bass and eventually the guitar.

We are here to chat about your new solo release today. Can you tell us what this new track is about?

I first started this song with the intention of writing a love letter to the soul music from the ‘70s I love so much, as well as the grooves of Soulquarians era neo-soul/R&B up to the present times. This felt like the right song to choose for the first single because, lyrically, it’s speaking to a deeply relatable subject to many people while also leaving a lot of room to insert your own narrative of what the song is about. Painting in broad strokes, baby! It is essentially about a dynamic where one person cares more, gives more, and ultimately gets hurt more. 

What prompted the shift to a solo release?

This solo release is happening now due to both simple logistical reasons, and also in alignment with a time in my life when it felt essential to explore creating in this way.

How do you think your music has grown since we last got to chat with you and Ludic in 2020?

What’s funny is that I actually wrote this song pretty much in its entirety in 2020. So in many ways, the way that this song was written differently than a Ludic song isn’t entirely a matter of timeline. I think I’ve had the tendency to over-compromise in some collaborative environments I’ve been in the past, and writing and producing music entirely on my own has allowed me to get back in touch with the unflinchingly honest part of myself. I still love compromise and collaboration, and Ludic has definitely been the healthiest and most communicative collaborative project I’ve been part of to date. But I never again will be afraid of truly speaking my mind and holding on to what I value (musically or otherwise).

How has your music process changed going from a group dynamic to a solo shift?

I fell in love with music with the intention of being in a band, and up until now, I’ve only ever played in bands. A LOT of bands. Almost too many to count over the years. The beauty of collaboration is how you’re able to bring people together to create something they’d never be able to create on their own. It requires humility and compromise and trying to get different people with different creative minds to align. And the beauty of doing it alone is being able to stand behind every single part of the music as a full reflection of how exactly you feel, without any compromise or sacrifice. 

I got the chance to see you and Ludic live in Ottawa at Bluesfest (great set by the way). Can we expect to see some solo shows starting to pop up?

Thank you! That was such a fun show. Max and Rhett are so much fun to perform with. And sure! I want to test the waters with some smaller local shows, just to settle into how it feels to play these songs live. I’m excited to see where it goes beyond that too! 

I’m curious about your thoughts on the music industry today and what it takes to make a splash these days?

Beats me… what is making a splash seems to change by the day. I suppose the consistent thread between most standout artists is true authenticity. You can’t hold back in expressing who you are and what you’re about to the fullest extent. 

What is some advice that you were given that you would pass on to up and coming artists right now?

There are about a billion different paths you can take to success, and you never know when an opportunity unexpectedly yields great rewards for you. Don’t be too quick to give up your dream! I’ve encountered people who didn’t find momentum in their careers until after they’d been on the grind for way over a decade. And had they given up too soon, they never would’ve experienced that. Also, being “successful” can look so many different ways. Being flexible in reframing your goals and what success is for YOU doesn’t mean you’ve failed in any way.

What’s something on your go to playlist that people wouldn’t expect you to listen to?

Beyoncé was my 2nd most listened-to artist last year, which seems to take some people by surprise. Actually, my whole top 5 artist list was pretty wild. 1. Steely Dan 2. Beyoncé 3. D’Angelo, 4. Jimi Hendrix 5. Tame Impala. I might be the only person in the world who has Steely Dan and Beyoncé side by side in their top artist’s list, LOL. On the heavier side of things, I’ve also been pretty obsessed with Hooch by Melvins lately. And that sludgy odd-meter part at the end of Rusty Cage by Soundgarden. Rawr!

Does pineapple belong on pizza and why? ( Hint there is a correct answer haha)

I used to be a very conservative pizza eater (Margherita ONLY) until I went vegan a few years ago. Now I’m much more adventurous, and I’ll try pretty much anything. Sure, throw some pineapple on there, why not. Or don’t, whatever. I wouldn’t say I have a particularly strong opinion, so I’ll sit this one out hahaha.

Last and most important, What motivates you to keep walking down the music path?

Music really has the potential to bring so much positivity to the world. At the end of my life, I just want to leave behind more than I take. I also can’t envision a life for myself without music. Just not possible for me!

Spotlight – Ayla Tesler-Mabé is a wrap. Big thanks to Ayla for taking the time to chat

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