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We have our Spotlight – Cory Marks Round 2 for you today. Cory has been working away and we were excited to catch up with him and see how things have been going.

Spotlight – Cory Marks Round 2
Hey, Cory welcome back for round 2. The last time we got to chat was back in 2020 and lots has happened since then for you. How has the growth in your music been treating you?

It’s been great to see the music continue to grow and reach audiences around the world so it’s amazing to finally be back out on the road again to see them!

Your new EP I Rise is out now I am curious how this one has evolved from Who I Am back in 2020?

I’m really excited about this new music. It’s more of the rock and edgier side of Cory Marks but I also have a lot of great country music lined up too.

Did your process put together this EP change a lot during Covid?

It was all dependent on any travel restrictions at the time of the pandemic as I was traveling to Las Vegas to write and record. But other than that, Kane, Kevin, and I just do our thing!

Is there a story behind this release or are you just looking to put out some fun music for people to jam to?

I like to think that this EP is motivational and inspirational. I hope that this music helps people achieve great things in their lives! That’s what it’s all about.

You’ve got up to a bunch of different endeavors including acting and getting your pilot's license. Where does your work ethic come from and how does it play out in your music?

I’m just a firm believer that if you want something, go get it. Dream big and work hard for it. I think this EP has a lot of that.

The track “Burn It Up” has almost a Marilyn Manson-type feel to the opening (which I love). Where does the blend of Rock and Country come from?

That’s all master Churko. Haha, I loved the intro when I first heard it. I grew up on Marilyn Manson, Ozzy, Rush, Deep Purple, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Alan Jackson, and George Strait. So my music all stems from those influences!

I get to talk to a lot of people and one question I ask that is always interesting to me with EPs and albums is if there was one track on the record that was harder to round out than others? Or did everything come together naturally?

Over the time that I spent writing and recording these songs, I really do think it came naturally. We just had fun with it!

I am curious what your take is on the music scene now after moving out of the pandemic and back into live music.

It’s rocking and rolling and I couldn’t be happier about that!

You are ending the year with a US tour run alongside Five Finger Death Punch. How excited are you to get back on that stage for the fans?

I’m over the moon about it and so happy to be playing across America with such great people and talent. Super thankful for this opportunity!

One thing we all want to know is, what is something on your go-to playlist that people wouldn’t expect that you’re listening to these days? I like to call this the guilty pleasure song so to speak.

There’s so much variety, to be honest! But lately, it’s been anything Bryan Adams.

This one is for all the musicians who read this, what is one piece of advice that you held on to the most coming up in the industry?

I really try to hold on to patience. Great things take time and you have to keep moving forward.

Last but not least, what motivates you to keep going? Why is music important to you?

Being able to reach, touch, and help people with my music is what motivates me. And you can’t beat the feeling of being on stage with audiences singing along with you! I think that music is therapeutic. It’s so important for the soul. There’s really no better way to express yourself or find yourself than through music!

Spotlight – Cory Marks Round 2 has come to a close. Big thanks to Cory for taking the time to chat

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