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Our newest Spotlight – Dani Doucette. Dani comes to us having just released her debut EP Run With Me. Hailing from Toronto, Dani is an electro-pop powerhouse with a smooth tone and a great sound. We got to chat with Dani about her music and just how she got to this point.

Today we have the amazingly talented Dani Doucette! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Hidden Beats!! Thanks, I’m a pop artist from Toronto, ON.for having me!

Who do you owe your early interest in music to? Any family/friends or artists who got you into songwriting?

Well, the love of music and “fun” came from my dad. However, growing up it was always my brother Andre Doucette and I that had the most fun.

Your new EP had so many collaborators. Milano, Jack Emblem, Thomas McKay, Anthony Wright, Daniel Santos, Andre Doucette. Was it hard to agree with the plethora of voices in the mix? Did you find you worked well with everyone?

I never thought of that!  Actually, everyone was such a professional that we never had an issue! It was actually a perfect collaboration. In most cases, we weren’t in the same room working. A lot of the time a song will start with someone, maybe as a demo, time passes and then fresh ears or perspective are needed for the next step. Or, in other cases, ‘Making Moves’ was basically ironed out in three sessions while ‘Post It’ has been re-written multiple times. A good producer knows it’s about the song, not their ego.

If you had to pick one overarching theme or message of the EP, what would it be?

Welcome to the DANIVERSE. My world. My thoughts and feelings. Ethereal, Honest, Elevating, and Inspiring. A collection of songs that show my chameleon-esque personality.

Do you have a favorite song off the mix? Which was the hardest to write?

My favorite is ‘100%’, it was my simplest write and I feel is the most perfect message for right now. ‘Post It’ took the most time, only because the message was so important to me. I needed the song to communicate the idea of the song clearly, but also in a positive way.

How does this album differ from your previous work? How have you grown as an artist since your last release?

Every release is like carving off another piece of myself. I love the process of digging deep and figuring out how to communicate that feeling or story. I am always surprising myself.

Your song, “Making Moves” is about female empowerment and embracing sexuality. What do you think the pop industry needs to understand regarding the importance of these things? Is this song to help spread that message?

Honestly, I just wanted the song to be a fun representation of women’s empowerment. Also to not take life so seriously and to just live in the moment. Take a day off. Be spontaneous.

Your previously released music video for “Run With Me” was a smash hit. It had everything, a solid narrative, amazing acting, and a beautiful location. Can we expect more show-stopping music videos from this EP? Does any sneak peek you can give us?

Most definitely! I absolutely love directing and creative directing my videos, I don’t think many people know I’m behind all of my creative direction. I already have storyboards ready for ‘Making Moves’, ‘100%’ and ‘Post It’. I’m traveling to Costa Rica in a few days and hope to come back with a video for one of them. ☺

A couple of months ago “Get It Out” was released. A collaboration with VESSBROZ. Tell us a bit about that project. How did the collaboration come to be?

That was all thanks to Covid lol. No one says that do they lol. I had a DM in my inbox online and the collaboration began! So much fun during a weird time.

Your outfits are always drop-dead gorgeous. Especially in your promotional pictures. Is fashion something that is important to you? Are you good at keeping up with trends or do you have a distinct style you stick to?

Honestly, I’m a total chameleon. Fashion and music are one and the same, both are ways to express yourself, both are fluid and have no boundary. I do love fashion but I’m not so stuck on trends, I’m always about what feels right at the moment. I love color though!!

COVID was tough on many artists. How did you stay relevant and interact with your audience over the past year? What outlets worked for you? (Virtual concerts, social media, streams, etc)

I performed on a really cool platform called AVAKIN for 1.4 million people which was amazing, also just stayed very creative online and off. Luckily I was able to still be in the studio a lot and work with small groups of people on videos. We got work done however we could.

I bet you are thrilled to be taking the stage again! Do you have any plans to be back on stage in 2022?

Yeah! Here in Canada we were open for the summer and I was able to perform at some amazing venues, but we have locked down again which is such a bummer. We need to move on with life and open up. Soon I hope for myself and for all my fellow artists.

If someone were to compare you to another music artist, what artist would be the highest honor for you to be compared to?

HMMM, the highest honor. As a “performer’ not singer,  I’d love to be compared to someone like Whitney Houston or Halsey. But as a singer, that’s so hard. I just want to carve my own path with my own voice and be honored with no comparison.

We are still pretty early in your music career. Do you have any specific visions of what kind of artist you want to be? Any short or long-term goals?

I want to be an artist people don’t miss a show too. I want people to walk away feeling like they experienced sunshine.

If you were not making music, what would you be doing right now?

I’d probably be designing a rocket ship in my backyard to take me off of this crazy planet. There are no other options for me.

Thank you for joining us today! Loved having you. Before you go, want to give a shoutout to any organization, charity, or person you think needs it right now?

I love that!! Shout out to everyone that has taken a gamble on yourself. Never give up, never give in, and you WILL. Believing is the first step to achieving.

Thanks for checking out the Spotlight – Dani Doucette. Big thanks to Dani for chatting with us

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