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Today’s Spotlight – Emme Lentino. It’s always amazing when new music comes across our desk here and this was a good one. Emme surprisingly is unsigned but comes with some amazing vocal talent and great tunes. We got to spend a little time chatting about her musical influences and her music. Check it out below!

How long you’ve been playing music?

I’ve been singing since I was about 4 and writing music since I was 10. 

You have a very unique voice and overall tone to your music, a lot less poppy than what you’d expect to find in today’s current musical landscape, who are some of your biggest influences?

Thanks, so much for that kind compliment! I have been surrounded my music my whole life. The Beatles, ABBA, Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, Anne Murray and Radiohead have all influenced me. I love a strong melody and heart gripping lyrics!

Are there any influences of yours that may surprise fans?

Probably my fan girl love for Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Tom Jones …

What are your thoughts on the current landscape of the music world today?

I think it’s an exciting time in the music industry. Anything is possible. Now more than ever if you are a creative you can reach the masses with your music. I love that this is a time where hope and shining your light are needed. I believe we each have a unique opportunity to step up and help others. Music is healing and I’m thankful we live in a global village where we can share music across borders. Being an unsigned artist is actually quite a freedom! You don’t have anyone saying “you can’t do that” I see only awesome things coming out of this season. Despite the global heartache going on. Choosing to stay positive and give back is what I focus on. 

What, if any, advice have you been given so far and what advice would you pass down?

I’ve learned a lot through the years, happy to share and encourage others. First, I would say, know yourself and be willing to back yourself. Don’t rely on what others say about you. Because public opinion can only get you so far. It’s important to build solid relationships in life and be kind and supportive of others. I’ve learned you must trust your gut and your heart and understand your own moral code. It’s easy to become a ping pong ball in the world of entertainment. But I feel a strong foundation is super important. Stand tall, don’t give up and be willing to put the work in.  

The song Go Ahead seems to have some strong personal undertones. Is writing music for you a cathartic experience? Or do you find it sometimes painful to relive the past?

Go Ahead was a song I wrote a few years back. It was originally a country song. But my producer friend in New Zealand and I changed it a bit to an electronic song… Yes, writing is totally therapy for me. Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about something until I write about it. That song has many feelings attached to it. I’ve discovered self-love and confidence through trial and error. Had my heart torn into pieces because I didn’t actually know my worth. So, I put up with behaviour in partners that wasn’t healthy. I’m so thankful for my faith and for forgiveness. Because at the end of day, I’ve been released and am free to heal and help others. 

What is the story you are trying to tell with your music? 

I’m trying to tell many stories with my music. I feel like there are so many emotions and subjects that writing music allows. Overall, I want listeners to feel hope, empowerment and to feel loved. I have seen how important it is to remind the world they are loved. It’s healing and it’s where breakthrough happens. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and loved. I hope and pray that in some small way my music can encourage others. 

Can you walk us through your writing process? Did you set out to write this song or was it more of an “aha!” Moment?

Oh wow! That’s a tough question, lol! I keep many journals and there’s stuff all over the place.  I write poems and I use voice memos to keep melodies that come to me. Sometimes in the middle of the night I get an idea! But I’m also synching for a few film projects I’m involved with. I get a brief from the director and I create a song that fits the movie.  That’s a new challenge and I’m loving it!  It’s forced me to majorly focus and I’m so thankful my film colleagues in the UK and America trust me with this honour. 

Is “Go Ahead” going to be a stand-alone single? Or did the magic keep flowing after you wrote it and now there is an EP or album to follow?

I have many more songs coming and most likely they will be released in the next couple of months. Not sure if they will be singles or an EP yet! Go Ahead is a stand-alone. It’s also appearing in an indie short film later this year! I chose to release it as an unmastered song and make it available for free on YouTube and Soundcloud. It’s been so awesome to reach new listeners by releasing it this way. 

Not only are you an artist yourself, but you also work for an indie radio station, why do you feel it’s important to support fellow artists and what drove you to get into telling the stories of others?

I love working with the whole team over at Heart of Indie Radio as a co-host and as a featured artist. They are an incredible station because the founder, Eddie Davis has such a compassionate heart for others. The whole idea behind it comes from www.handsofgrace-raeoflight. We help mentor youths with our kindness program, suicide prevention program and music education. Heart of Indie started because there’s a huge need to help indie artists get airtime. My job as a co-host is to discover talent and interview them. Our audiences are now all over the world. It’s truly something I’m loving and am so thankful to Eddie and the team for the opportunity. 

Spotlight - Emme Lentino

You’re also an actress! What came first for you – music or acting? And do you find they complement each other well? If so, how?

I’ve been acting and singing in theatre since I was a kid. I love the stage! My experience has led me to play Lucille Ball off-Broadway and most recently in film playing a zany celebrity judge on Isolation the Series (created by UK based actor and screenwriter Steve Leeds). I find that acting and singing totally complement one another.  They both tell stories and ignite emotions in their viewers and listeners. I am super pumped to be in a position where I’m an Executive Producer, actress and Music Supervisor for television and indie films. It’s a dream to combine all of these together. Using my business mind and creative mind to help make projects happen- is a wow chapter for me!

When you look back on your career so far, what have been some of your proudest accomplishments and what is some advice you’d maybe give to your younger self?

I think one my proudest moment was writing and singing my song “Seasons of Life” which I wrote after my husband tragically passed away from cancer. I was able to sing that song for hospice, hospital patients, nursing homes and schools. The message of hope in the song has really resonated with folks. Despite the pain and sadness that inspired the song- I want to encourage others to rise up and to shine their light, no matter the circumstances. I would tell my younger self to not stress about the small stuff and to enjoy each moment. To not worry so much because it steals your time.  Also, that getting older is awesome! Wow. I wish I had known that way back when 🙂

What can your fans expect next from you?

Brand new music dropping in July, September and Christmas time. New film projects I’ll be acting in and producing and a brand-new comedy show I’m developing set for release in 2021. I’ll also be hosting an international film festival in New Zealand and I am thrilled with the opportunity to bring a beautiful community together. The future is bright, and I’m convinced that life just gets better with age. 

If you could send your fans a message what would it be?

You are loved and you are not alone. No matter what you’re going through, you will get through it. May Gods peace surround you. Chin up, shoulders back, you got this! I’m always here if you want to talk and your heart and mind are important to me.

Hugs, Emme💜

With our Spotlight – Emme Lentino wrapping up I want to take the time to say thank you to Emme for spending some time with us.

This talented artist is going to keep moving up in this music world. Make sure to take the time to check out all her tunes and follow social media to keep up with new stuff.

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