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Today our Spotlight – Fake Friends. We got the chance to chat with Matt from Fake Friends and chat get to know a little more about them. Hailing from Montreal these guys bring some fresh fun music to the punk scene which is never a bad thing. Check it out here.

Hi guys! Thanks for taking some time for us today! First off, I’m curious to hear, how did Fake Friends come together?

We were lured in by a weirdo with grand plans for Onlyfans. He left but we kept going.

For those that haven’t been exposed to it, how would you describe the Montreal punk scene?


How have your experiences playing in other bands influenced Fake Friends musical direction?

I would say it’s more the experience of being in bands for so long than what any of them individually sounded like. There are lots of things we don’t worry about because we all know what we should be doing but more importantly, we know what we don’t want to do.

What has the support/reaction been like from the other members’ bands?

Good gig, can I borrow your amp?

What is the number one thing fans are saying after a Fake Friends show?

There are definitely main song writers and it helps to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen vibe. Once the riffs are there we get together and bang them out.

Just going off the video for Mile End, it looks like you guys are having a helluva lot of fun playing together. What is the chemistry like in Fake Friends, and how what has the process been like for writing and recording together?

There are 2 guys who use being in this band as a cover to be stay-at-home astronauts. 

You guys seem to have been busy with shows in Montreal. How does having a steady, devoted scene to play impact your creative process?

It makes it easier to know what people want to hear. I’ve been listening to the same taking back Sunday record since grade 8

The first singles you have released are awesome! Are there plans for a full album in the future?

Yeah, we’re working on it. For now, live shows are going to be wild, so we’d like to do that as much as possible.

So far, the songs that have been released have been these awesome, short bursts of energy. Are we going to hear that same level of intensity like on Pure Chad Energy on future Fake Friends songs?

The only reason we started this band was to headline Osheaga in 2026.

With lockdowns easing up, are there any plans to spread the Fake Friends love beyond Montreal?

We’re going to tour in my civic 

Our Spotlight – Fake Friends has come to an end and I wanted to give a big thanks to Matt for taking the time to chat.

Check out Mile End right now

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