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Our newest Spotlight – Francois Klark. We chat with Francois about his newest release Paper Planes which is out now. Check out what we talked about here.

Today we give a warm Hidden Beats welcome to our guest, Francois Klark! Thank you for joining us today. If you were to describe your music to someone who has never heard it before, what would you say?

Great to be chatting with you Hidden Beats. My music ranges from pop anthems doused with provocative hooks, flickering synths, and cinematic soundscapes, to delicate piano ballads. I like blurring the lines between electronic and organic elements in the production. 

Who were your early inspirations? Be it artists or family members that fueled your love for music.

My parents are both quite musical and they are the original instigators who got me interested in music. My mom spent many hours with me and my sister making up songs and jamming on the piano and guitar.  Some of my earliest musical influences include Alanis Morisette, Lauryn Hill, and Dave Matthews Band.

If you could work with anyone in the industry today who would it be?

I’d jump at the chance to work on a record with producers Labrinth and Lido, and I’d also love to write a couple of tunes with Chris Martin from Coldplay. 

You had a song featured in the Netflix film “Feel the Beat.” How was that? What did you think about the choreography put to your music?

I couldn’t believe it when the producers at Resonate Entertainment reached out to me regarding the placement of ‘Always’ in Feel The Beat. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them, and such an honour to be part of a film that is so inclusive and positive. Choreographer Mia Michaels and director Elissa Down created such a heartfelt and beautiful moment during the choreographed dance to the song. 

Your new song “Paper Planes” is beautiful and plaintive. Tell us about the writing process? How did the lyrics come to you?

I visited Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico a couple of years back and was completely taken by the beauty of golden hour one evening as I sat on the beach. I thought to immortalize that moment in a song that tells of two lovers who are seemingly alone in the world, unbound by the constraints of time. From there I just tried to use words that paint vivid cinematic images of that moment and of the couple getting lost in the sandy streets late at night.

How does the music video support the mood and message you are conveying with this song?

The production company, Parliament Pictures Co., and I decided to use color, motion, and location to further strengthen the mood and atmosphere of the song. We used ambers to enhance the feeling and look of golden-hour and used them to also represent the warmth and intimacy between the couple. Turquoise and blues were used for the evening shots and also to further enhance a feeling of calm and contentedness. Beyond color, we also used slow-motion shots to enhance the beauty of intimate moments and also shots with faster sweeping camera shots to mimic the movement in the music.

How does this single preview well for the upcoming album?

‘Paper Planes’ definitely delivers hints at what the rest of the album will sound like: Production that blurs the lines between organic and electronic elements while marrying the worlds of singer-songwriter and pop writing. You can also expect some ventures into symphonic concert halls and small villages. 

Speaking of the upcoming album, how is it going? How does it differ from your previous works?

It’s going well, thank you 🙂


This sophomore album differs from my debut album in that the latter focussed on love as a central theme. The sophomore album on the other hand focuses more on the theme of wanderlust and centers around stories inspired by my travels, and also key relationships in my life.

As an honors graduate of Humber, how was majoring in music in school? Did it boost your career?

Going to Humber was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It was an incredible program. Not only did it provide me with the opportunity to grow as a musician and writer, but also because I met a lot of my dearest friends there and made valuable connections which have led me on the path that I am currently on in my career as an independent music creator.

What would you say to aspiring Canadian musicians looking to break into the pop industry?

Work hard at your craft every day. Don’t wait for the opportunities to come before you put in the work. The doors will open as a result of you putting in the work. And when those doors open, you will be ready and have the songs and skills to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. 

Are you still based out of Toronto? Are your plans to stay there permanently or just for the time being?

Yes, Toronto is where I’ve put down roots. I love it here…especially in the summer. Winters are a bit long so I’ve been bouncing between Canada and South Africa, my birthplace, and plan to keep doing that. 

Having shared the stage with so many huge artists, who especially stood out to you?

It was one of my greatest highlights to open for Jon Bellion. He is one of the nicest, motivated, and talented artists I’ve shared a stage with. 

Who else do you dream of performing/collaborating with?

Stromae, Max Richeter, Rosalía

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Treat everyone that comes across your path like you would your closest family. 

Thank you for joining us today. Before you go want to give a shout out to any person, organization or charity of your choice?

Thank you so much for the chat Hidden Beats! I’d love to give a shout at the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home in Potchefstroom, my hometown in South Africa. Abraham Kriel Children’s home is an incredible organization that provides a safe home and care for children who are removed from dangerous and damaging situations by the Children’s Court. The kids are in their care 24/7 and they are responsible for their mental, physical, and emotional well-being as well as their education and health. In the ideal world, all children should be with their families but the reality is that the home provides long-term care to many of the children since the majority of the kids remain with the organization throughout their school careers. 


If any of your readers would like to help out then you can find more information on the organization’s website: https://www.akpotch.org/ways-to-help/

Spotlight – Francois Klark is a wrap! Thanks for taking the time to chat

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