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Today we Spotlight – Justine Blanchet. Hailing from Montreal Justine takes the time to chat with us about her music and newest release Hard to Love. Check it out!

Spotlight – Justine Blanchet
Welcome, Justine. For first-timers can you give a little intro about yourself?

You bet! I was born on the South Shore of Montreal and I grew up listening to and playing all kinds of music genres. I eventually began singing around the age of 11 and started with classical crossover and eventually made the switch to country music at 15. 

Who would you say are some of your inspirations in music today?

My biggest inspiration is usually my peers but growing up I was very much inspired by Shania Twain, Reba, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood.

You recently released Hard to Love which has a story behind it that I’d love to know a little more about?

The song was written by Courtney Cole, Derrick Southerland, and Kelly Archer. When I was pitched that song, the part about dealing with an emotionally unavailable partner really resonated with me because I was in a relationship similar to that a few years ago. That gave me the motivation to go ahead and record this song because I felt a lot of people would relate to it.

The video that goes along with this track is both simple and yet speaks volumes. Was it fun shooting that one while keeping on track with the story?

This music video was so much fun to shoot! I typically create my own music scenarios and I got to collaborate with Tanner Roman to get this video to come to life. The boyfriend character was played by Patrick Marquette, originally from Ohio, who did an amazing job in portraying our emotionally unavailable partner. The retro theme was on theme with the cover art and the location was a real gem.

What’s your process when putting together your music and how has it evolved over time? Your Heading Text Here

I like my music to be relatable and interconnected. For example, this new EP will be a collection of themes that I personally have dealt with or am dealing with. My taste and how it relates to my personality have evolved with time and as I grew up to find my identity. 

What are your thoughts on the difference between the Montreal and Nashville music scene?

They are both fabulous and offer different advantages. Nashville is definitely more interconnected and everybody knows everybody. This town is truly curated for country music and holds much history. Montreal, on the other hand, leans more on the pop-indie side of things and has many outlets for indie bands. That’s what makes Montreal so unique on top of it being a bilingual city.

Coming out of Covid what are your thoughts on what it takes to stand out in a market that seems always flooded with new music?

The country music industry is definitely saturated but there is room for all kinds of people at all kinds of levels. Listeners are always ready for new songs and don’t get bored with the wide variety of music out there.

How do you think social media has played a role in your growth?

With Covid and coming from a small town, social has helped me gain audiences in Europe, in the United States, and Australia, just to name a few. I get to test material on there and get feedback on what my audience likes.

With the release of the single is there a plan for the next release, maybe even an album?

I plan on releasing new music early next year and an EP in the Spring of 2023!

For the last bit of all my interviews, I keep a few questions aside for everyone which I think are fun. First, on the list is what’s something on your go-to playlist that people might not expect you to listen to?

I loveeeee listening to classical piano pieces. That music is truly my oasis and place where I am most at peace. I also love listening to gospel and R&B.

What’s one thing you think should be asked more in interviews that is not asked enough?

I don’t get asked very often about my education. I have been homeschooled all my life and graduated with a bachelor’s in communications and marketing when I was 20 and I feel like that’s pretty rare.

Do you have advice you would give to up-and-coming artists who might be looking up to you?

This industry is all about the waiting game, so patience is key. Networking is vital and motivation is a huge asset.

And we save the best for last. Why is music important to you and what keeps you motivated to keep going?

Knowing that I can earn a living (somewhat of a living) with my music is so rewarding and validation is a huge help to keeping me motivated. I love music because of the way it makes me feel.

Oh one last one just for fun, Do you think a hotdog is a sandwich, why or why not?

Hot dogs are 10000% a sandwich because you’ve got bread on both sides just like a subway sandwich. You can also put any toppings you like just like a regular sandwich.

Closing out do you have any pearls of wisdom to leave the world?

Never stop learning and you will make mistakes. That’s how you learn. And don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Your best growing will happen there.

As we close out Spotlight – Justine Blanchet I want to thank Justine for taking the time to chat with us

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