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Today we Spotlight – Kaiya Gamble. The young and talented Kaiya Gamble made herself known this past year! Her smooth and energetic voice has taken the hearts of many. We sit down and chat about her newest release I’m In It which is out now!

Kaiya thank you for joining us today. Would you like to start us off with an introduction to our readers?

Oh my gosh thank you so much for having me! Of course! Hi everybody who’s reading this! My name is Kaiya Gamble, and I’m a soulful pop singer-songwriter born and raised in Calgary, AB. I love using my music as a platform to support charitable causes, and for people to enjoy themselves and reconnect with their emotions.

Who drove you to begin your music career? Any influence from family, friends, or other artists?

It was actually my 4th-grade music teacher who came up to my parents after school one day and told them I had musical aptitudes. At that time, my parents didn’t know and frankly, I didn’t know either! So, I started voice and piano lessons and realized that I LOVED it! I fell in love with it fast and it didn’t take long for me to realize this was my passion. That’s how I got into music and I definitely have my music teacher at school and my parents to thank for that.

What can viewers expect when they tune in to your Kaiya Live YouTube concert and what inspired the show?

Kaiya Live was inspired by my parents, who are both frontline workers. My mom’s an ER doctor and my dad was a STARS Air Ambulance Pilot. Watching them walk out the door every day during the heat of the pandemic was really stressful. That’s when I decided that I needed to help, like they were doing, in my own way. That’s when Kaiya Live was created! It’s an online benefit concert that you can find on my YouTube channel, and it’s all about spreading positive and uplifting energy for everyone who’s been affected by the past year and a half, especially our healthcare heroes. Not to mention, it raised awareness for three amazing organizations. Viewers can expect a whole variety of songs, from covers to originals, bops to ballads, and even some guest performances as well!

The show is meant to highlight a couple of charitable organizations that are close to your heart. Can you introduce each one and tell us a bit about what they do and why you take such great care?

Yes, thank you for asking! The three organizations that the concert supports are: ‘Wickfest,’ ‘CINIM’ and ‘A Sound Life.’ Wickfest is Hayley Wickenheiser’s organization in Canada that helps young girls develop life skills through the game of hockey. CINIM is an organization in Canada that provides research-based programs and apps that improve overall wellbeing and mental health such as anxiety and depression. They are especially focusing on youth right now which is something close to my heart. Last, but certainly not least, A Sound Life is an organization in Australia that provides free yoga, meditation, and music to residents, staff, and patients at hospitals, senior care homes, women’s shelters, etc. I wanted to help support these organizations because of the things they have done especially during the pandemic.

This newest single, your second ever titled “I’m in it”, is a beautiful song about innocence and curiosity about love. What inspired the lyrics?

Well, I was really grateful to have written this song with the amazing artist, ANNIKA, and her husband, and my co-producer Spencer. I was just so excited to be writing with them for the first time. Plus, when I got to their house, they shared with me that they just found out they were pregnant with their first baby! So, there were plenty of firsts in the air, and the love and positive energy were abundant. I think that definitely inspired us to write “I’m In It” and I’m so grateful that was the case!

How did you feel releasing this single versus your first single “Speak Out?” Were the nerves decreased?

The nerves were definitely there, but they were toned down for sure! To be honest, I thought the song was released at midnight my time, so the whole family was snuggled up on the couch chilling and waiting. But it was released at 10 o’clock so I looked at my Spotify, and there it was….and everyone just freaked out! It was unexpected, but I was so excited! So thankfully this song release was less stressful and more just pure joy and excitement because this time I had more of an idea of what I was doing haha!

Your promotional pictures look amazing. You looked like such a natural out there. Did they fit your vision? How do they match the mood the song gives off?

Thank you! That’s so nice. They absolutely did! I remember receiving the photos, and I saw the cover art photo for “I’m In It” and I said to my mom: “there’s no way we are using this as a press photo. This HAS to be the cover art.” I just knew it in my soul. So 100% of the photos encapsulated what I hoped for. We even played the demo when we were shooting the photos!

Since you began uploading covers two years ago, what have you learned about yourself and your music career?

I’ve learned a lot. You know, I started performing when I was ten years old and then started uploading those songs just two years ago. So since then, I’ve grown a ton. Not just physically, which impacts my voice, but also as a person. My taste in music has certainly evolved, my understanding of music has expanded, and so has my overall receptiveness to learning new things. Being totally open to feedback (both constructive and positive) is key for any artist! I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve still got a long way to go and a lot to soak in.

Speaking of covers, you upload a variety on your YouTube channel. Sia, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and more. How do you choose what songs you cover? How is covering versus performing your originals?

Great question! I try to pick songs that I really love and resonate with. I find that when the artist really connects with the songs and the stories they’re telling, the audience can connect with them and therefore have an awesome experience! Our job as entertainers is to make the audience feel emotion. When we love the songs we sing and really tell the stories in those songs honestly, it’s magical, and the audience can feel that! 

You began singing on YouTube at the insanely impressive age of 12 years old. Have you ever felt pushed back from the harsh industry regarding your age? How do you overcome it?

It’s definitely something real that I’ve had to deal with over the last five years, and I continue to deal with it whenever I step on stage. Luckily, I’ve had the chance to be around and learn from really experienced, older musicians. They are award winners, have toured the world, and are also such genuine people. I’ve learned from them that work ethic, showing up on time, and being authentic is the key! It all comes down to being crazy prepared.

For example, for any performance, I run a song at least 50 times. So you can imagine how much time I spend at the piano for a 10 or 12 song set!  When I do this, I know the songs inside out. So, knowing who you are as an artist, with this kind of preparation, you can truly focus on telling the story when you get on stage. Telling the story of the songs and connecting with the audience is so important, and I’ve found that when I can do that, age doesn’t matter!

How do you balance your career and school life?

Another great question! It’s definitely hard to do, but when you’re online schooling there’s a lot more flexibility which is awesome. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I just try to think of the positives. I say to myself, especially during the tough days, “at least you get to do what you love every day.” Plus, it’s not like you are likely ever going to need chemistry when you are on stage haha! If I ever do, I’ll be in trouble! Haha!

Performing with Brett Kissel’s band was a massive opportunity for you. How was that experience?

It was an honor! I had always been a big fan of Brett Kissel. So when I got the chance to perform with his band when Brett Wilson invited me to sing at his “Garden Party” supporting youth mental health, I was ecstatic! Brett Kissel has always been supportive of me and my music and has really been an amazing mentor ever since. I also have become really close with his band members, two of which would go on to become my producers, who I love and adore so very much. I then built up the courage to ask these amazing musicians if they wanted to play at Kaiya Live, and they said yes!! I am so grateful to both Brett Wilson for providing me with musical opportunities and to Brett Kissel for his ongoing words of wisdom. Not only have doors opened but I have learned so much!

What musical goals do you have for yourself?

I definitely want to get better at guitar. I’ve been taking lessons for a while now and playing it on stage for a crowd someday would be awesome! I’m not quite there yet (haha!) but practice takes time! That’s one that comes to mind! Another goal would be to open for my favorite artists such as Alessia Cara, Tyler Shaw, Ryland James, and Leslie Odom Jr. So, in the meantime I’ll just keep working on my artistry, continue to write, record, and release my music and perform!

Thank you for joining us today. Before you go, what is a fun fact that is a must-know about you?

Thank you so much for having me! I’d say, a fun must-know fact would have to be that I have a dog named Tavi. Her full name is Octavia (very regal haha). She’s my everything, she’s four, a rescue, and just the sweetest. I’m a huge animal person! 

Spotlight – Kaiya Gamble is a wrap. Big thanks for taking the time to chat Kaiya

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