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We have a new one for you today with Spotlight – Kassandra Clack. We spend some time with Kassandra to do what we do best and talk about music and the path it took to get there. Make sure you check out Airplane Champagne now!

Spotlight – Kassandra Clack.
Hidden Beats is proud to present Canadian country-pop singer Kassandra Clack. Would you be able to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi there! I am a Factor-funded pop-country artist, and I strive to connect with people through songs that are relatable to them.

When you compare your early inspirations to your current ones, how did they change? How did your music evolve alongside your idols?

My early inspirations definitely stuck with me throughout the growth of my songwriting. The influences of Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Toby Keith are synergized in my music along with the pop elements that over time I have fallen in love with.

Who are the biggest supporters of your music career?

My biggest supporters have always been my family. They make it all worth it and encourage me daily that everything is possible in this life.

Your new single “Airplane Champagne” is your second release of the year. How do you feel now that it has been out for a couple of weeks? Any reactions that surprised you?

I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback during this single! The reactions have brought me great comfort in knowing that listeners are going to like the sounds coming out of my ‘debut’ album release! Yipee!

What was the writing process like? What triggered the ideas?

This all-season-getaway anthem was written by incredible Sony Writers Karen Kosowski, Emma-Lee, and Femke Weidema. This song’s influence is a pop groove with southern instrumentation that will facilitate the vibrant feeling of being on vacation harnessing a loving escape any day of the week.

Since it is about airplanes if you could fly anywhere in the world right now where would you go and why?

The juggle is real and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is feeling that right now!
If we could get away right now my honey and I would be boarding the plane to head off the grid to a secluded mountain top villa in Europe

You collaborated with Dan Swinimer and Grady Saxman on this song, how was that?

Ask anyone around – Dan Swinimer is the salt of the earth. Incredible to work with in every capacity. He had me come in to track the vocals for ‘Airplane Champagne’ remotely to send to producer Grady Saxman in Nashville, who had the vision for ‘Airplane Champagne’ and executed this single effortlessly. So grateful for all of the components that we’re able to come together to compose this song!

The promotional photos for this song are stunning. The dress and color scheme works very well. What was shooting like? You do have a history with modeling and does your music career still allow you to utilize that? (I also want to know where you got the dress)

Ha! I’m so glad that you love it! I was shocked by the photos myself! This fabulous dress is a Zimmerman piece styled by fabulous Vancouver stylist Sarah Darcey, only to be enhanced by the dreamy hair and makeup look done by Dames & Dolls founder Jen Vanderzalm. The photoshoot was a full-day, multiple-look repertoire shot by Vancouver-based Liz Rosa. Having a bit of experience behind the camera through modeling and acting came in handy to tie into my business!

You became one of the finalists for the Jim Beam Talent Search last year and performed at their showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto this year. How was that experience? The segment really launches artists into the spotlight. Was the sudden increase in exposure shocking?

I owe so much exposure to the Jim Beam/Canadian Music Week Experience!
It taught me so much about really being able to connect with like-minded people on social media! I also found it staggering that I was considered to be in remotely the same realm as these other industry professionals!

The increase in exposure on the networking front was absolutely a huge transition time for me, you know, really honing in on that elevator pitch! Beyond grateful for the whole journey!

We are very excited about your album being released in the fall. Is there any sneak peek you can give us?

Eek! Thank you so much! I can’t wait!! I’ve been beta-testing our songs at writer’s rounds and showcases alike to get a read on if people ‘dig’, and ‘Airplane Champagne’ is just a teaser of the kind of vibe my tribe can expect to filter throughout the entirety of the album!

Any chance the album will be followed up with a tour? What would a Kassandra Clack tour look like?

Hm.. we will have to wait and find out! (But, YES! Absolutely!) In all seriousness, every show is carefully curated for every person that attends. We spend time thoughtfully considering what our intention is for every friend/listener during the show. Every live show is a precious moment that we all get together! No one show will ever be the same!

Spotlight – Kassandra Clack.
You are in an interesting position having begun a music career in late 2019-2020. How do you feel about the way that the music industry has changed drastically in the last two years with the rise of internet sensational songs?

The industry is constantly changing. Daily. You learn about Twitch, the next day you wake up and you’re already behind on the next new ‘Big Thing’. It’s a reminder to me of how fast-paced life can be in both a career and life journey. Thus, I feel very passionate about the overall integration of balance.

What’s one piece of advice you were given starting out that’s really affected you?

Don’t burn bridges. Everyone knows everyone. Heck, they probably even know your Grandma!

What would you say to a young Canadian country singer trying to make it in today’s climate?

‘This too shall pass’. Oh! Also! ‘Tunnel-Vision’!

Being an emerging artist can be daunting in any genre and hard to know where to start and what direction to go! There’s no rulebook and that can be really defeating. If you can have tunnel-vision and become absolutely obsessed with your craft, the long list of ‘no’s’ just becomes ‘Not right nows’ and you can swiftly pivot onto the next thing! You’ve got this!

Thanks for joining us today. Before you go, what is a message you would like to give to your fans?

You are deserving and worthy to create a life that you love. So, let’s do this.

The Spotlight – Kassandra Clack has been a fun one and we want to give a huge thanks to Kassandra for taking the time to chat with us

Check out Airplane Champagne right now…seriously go check it out

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