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Spotlight – Left To Suffer

In this Spotlight – Left To Suffer chats with us about their music and just how things came to be. We learn just what makes them tick so check it out!

How did the whole thing start?

Pete, Jacob, and our former drummer Levi were in a local band under a previous alias with other members from the local scene. They invited Taylor to join the band, as well as Christian as a third guitarist before switching to bass. As we were looking for marketing advice for our song Burden, we hit up Jeff Menig, had a meeting with him, in which we rebranded as Left to Suffer. He also became the manager of Left to Suffer shortly after and then the rest was history.   

What were some of the early inspirations that influenced the band’s sound?

We all love deathcore and nu metal. Bands ranging from Whitechapel, Thy Art is Murder, Korn, Slipknot, Emmure, and Knocked Loose really inspired us, especially in the earlier days.   

What’s the process for putting together a track or album? How does each member add something of their own to the music?

There’s no formula to how we write each song. But usually it comes together with Pete, Jacob, and Christian laying down riffs, Taylor working on production, Alex adding his flare on drums into the mix, and Taylor adding his vocals. Sometimes we revisit to add or change ideas, and also get outside input to improve the song, particularly from producers we’ve worked with for each respective album/EP. With selecting the order of the album, there’s no real strategy aside from thinking what flows best from song to song.   

How did the new release of Lost in the Dark come together?

Funny thing is actually, we had Lost in the Dark done and Taylor just randomly hit up Zelli a month before our tentative release date and worked out the collab so fast! 

Do you have a specific process when putting together new music?

Not really we are a free form writing band. There’s never one specific way, it’s just whatever feels best in the moment. 

How has the music evolved going back to 2021s On Death release into now?

Whereas our first release was more pummeling deathcore, we wanted to branch out and explore other genres and elements in music. As time as gone on, we’ve been focusing on expanding our pool of influences and sounds without straying too far away from our signature sound. We introduced more metalcore and nu-metal into On Death, further pushing that in And Dying Forever, but really capturing that for Feral. And the next release is by far the most diversified record we’ve ever created. I’ll tell you, it’s a wild ride.   

Taylor executes what is considered a nearly flawless recreation of the vocal ad-lib that Johnathan Davis of Korn does on Twist. Id love to know more about any influence there and just how long it took to nail that?

I grew up on Korn from a very young age so instinctively, Johnathan Davis is a huge inspiration for me as a younger vocalist. So moving into writing more as an adult I wanted to pay homage to them with a little fun breakdown vocal haha 

Taylor is also joining Project Shavo as the vocalist. What has the experience been like working with Shavo Odadijian?

It has been insane, to be honest. It’s hard to put into words being able to work and be surrounded by such a legendary human as Shavo. He had been such an amazing person pushing me to be a better vocalist and a bit out of my comfort zone to get the best out of my voice and I am honored to be a part of ANOTHER incredible team. 

I'm curious what is one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that isn’t asked enough?

Maybe what’s the most embarrassing moment on stage haha. It always puts people in a spot 

What is one of the best things and worst things about touring?

The best parts of touring are seeing friends from all over, rocking the shows, and the adventure of traveling all around. The worst parts are the awful surprises that can happen on tour, like gear failure, and vehicle issues. Hell, a few weeks ago we got hit by a drunk driver on the highway and had to miss a few shows. And also merch cuts.

What is the pre-show ritual before going out to burn the stage down?

Definitely caffeine or pre-workout powder is necessary. Stretching and taking time to decompress before the set to lock in and burn the whole stage down.

What do you hope fans take away from the music?

With my lyric writing in LTS I write a lot about mental health and alleviating the pressure of trying to carry the weight of your entire existence on your shoulders. I hope people realize there are outlets and people around them willing to help before it breaks them. 

What motivates you guys to keep going?

Music, I love writing and performing. It’s my catharsis, my freedom, my safe space. Some of the people I’ve met through music are people I’ll remember and talk to for the rest of my life. 

Spotlight – Left To Suffer is a wrap. Big thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat

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