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Today our Spotlight – Lisa Nicole. As part of the amazing Canadian Country music scene, Lisa has been building up some great stats. We sit and chat with Lisa about her newest release Count on You. Check it out now.

Thanks for joining us today! We are thrilled to have you! First up, how is the music scene over in British Columbia?

Well, I can speak on the Country music scene! The greater Vancouver area has tons of music venues, and Kelowna too. We’ve got enough Country radio stations that you can tour the province and most people will have heard your songs. I’ve toured just BC many times! We’ve got one of the best Country music festivals in Canada too – Rockin’ River Fest, which I’ve played and it’s a fun one!

How would you describe your music to someone that’s never heard it before? Where would you recommend someone who’s getting into your music to start? ​

Well, in thinking about the progression from my first EP all the way to my new album, “Where Wild Hearts Beat” – I started off very Country Rock and am now a bit more Country Pop. On the new album, we’ve also included some dance elements, but still the classic country instruments such as banjo and acoustic guitar. I also love narrative storytelling lyrics, powerful vocals, and good harmonies.


The only downside to playing cover songs is when certain songs get requested and overplayed such as “Wagon Wheel”, “Chicken Fried” and “Sweet Home Alabama” – down in Nashville you have to pay $100 to hear one of those songs, when the norm tip is $20.

As well as your own music, you dabble in song covers on Youtube. How is it to perform a cover as opposed to your own songs?

Oh, it’s a lot of fun! There are SO many amazing songs out there that I wish I wrote, those are the ones I cover on YouTube. Show to show, I might switch it up and play something new and fun. I’ve got a few I almost always sing such as “Jolene”, “Piece Of My Heart”, “Dance With Somebody” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

Do timing and mood have an influence over when you release new music? Do you have any songs laying dormant right now that you’re waiting for the perfect time to release?

I would say that the order matters more than timing. I wouldn’t release two ballads back to back. Otherwise, most of the songs that were laying dormant are on my new album. Even though they didn’t make the “single” cuts, I love them just as much as the singles I’ve released.

The video for your “Count on You”, one of the singles from your album, displayed what looked to be a day in your life. Does that stand true?

Yeah! That was the idea – to let the viewers in on a songwriting process. Where an idea hits you while you’re out for lunch and you’ve got to jot it down, and you’re pacing your home searching for the perfect line. The studio shots are true to the process too!

As the lyrics indicate, who do you count on when faced with trials?

That would be my partner, Garrett. I’ve spent a lot of time away from him, and he’s stuck by me and supported me these last 7 years. “Wait On Me”, another single from the album, is about him too.

With over a decade of experience under your belt, do you feel there are many aspects of your creative potential that is untapped?

I have always wanted to do a remix of one of my songs! My 2018 radio single, “Mad About It” would be super cool as an EDM remix, same with “Count On You” or “Do Your Thang” (also on the new album)! If there are any DJ producers out there, hit me up!

Having performed in the heart of country music itself, Nashville, how do you find playing Canadian shows? Do you find we are just as enthusiastic for boots and acoustics as down south?

The Nashville vibe is hard to beat. There’s nothing like it. There is nowhere in Canada with 200+ music venues within a few blocks, 3 stories, and 3 artists on every stage. Amazing, right? It’s cool to see the “Bluebird Cafe” type shows starting to pop up now though. I’ve even seen people starting to put tip jars out a bit more.

What are your plans for the fall?

I’m currently promoting the album. We did a summer release show here in the Kootenays and it was great to do a show again. I hope to do more shows in the fall and beyond, as things open up. Aside from music, I’m planning a 75KM backpack trek across the Earl Grey Pass here in BC! It’s been difficult to train for that because of the recent fires.

What is your favorite episode that you have filmed on your podcast “Wild Hearts?”

I’m into my second season now. I would have to say my number one is a recent episode I did with my Mom. It’s a deep hard conversation about her battle with an abusive man, being an alcoholic, living with chronic pain, a cancer scare, and sexual abuse, and how she’s dealt with it these hardships her whole life by abusing her body with alcohol for the last 40 years. And that now she’s over 1.5 years sober and free of the man that broke her down, physically and mentally. That was a special episode.

I also love the one I did last year called Leaving A Multi-Million Dollar Company to Manifesting What You Love – that’s a cool story about a gal who made millions and left it all behind.

Since you are an artist and you also host a podcast, what are your opinions on interviewing and being interviewed?

It takes TALENT to do interviews, especially in person or on video. You really have to research the guest, so you’re not constantly having to read your notes. I always want my conversations to flow, and feel organic, which can be challenging.

You’re a pretty active mountain climber! How did you get into that? Have any tips for beginners?

See – you did your research!! Hah!

Go with people that know the trails until you learn how to use GPS depending on where you’re going. Bear spray and bear bangers are a must!! If you run into a bear, never run, back up slowly. If it’s a Grizzly, you can climb a tree. Always pack food and extra water.

How do you balance your hobbies, family, music, and podcast? You must have some amazing time management skills.

That is the best compliment ever!! Because I truly feel that I do. On top of all that, I have a few social media clients, and I just started working in real estate as well! Let’s just say I LOVE working. And I love challenging myself. Some days I work late, it’s currently 8:30PM as I write this. But I definitely go through spells where I am completely overwhelmed, I don’t like that too much! Haha

It’s funny, my Mom and Garrett can see it coming way before I do. They’re like “Are you sure you want to take that on?!” and I usually do.

Can you share some more about the album?

Yes! After “Count on You”, I released “Gypsy Girl” as the lead-in single to the album.  Overall, I feel that “Where Wild Hearts Beat” is my best work yet. I co-wrote every song on there. Unlike my last EP, I wasn’t going through a heartbreak during this album, so there are no break-ups or cheating songs. That said, there are still two heartbreak songs – one is “Dear Mama”, about my Mom, and one is “He’ll Be With You”, about one of my best friends who lost her husband. The rest of the album is upbeat and fun, and of course a couple of lovey songs! I am so happy about this album and I’m so excited that everyone can hear it!

Do you think the past year with the pandemic has progressed or hindered your music career?

If we’re being honest, I think for everyone it has. Touring was not only a huge part of my income but also my mental health. To go from always being away every weekend, or weeks, or months for music – to being home 24/7 was a shock to my system. I made it work and dove into other things such as prepping the new album. I did a ton more hiking which was great!

But yeah, I had a few meltdowns where I felt completely lost and heartbroken. It was hard on me as this new music was my best work yet. I put in ALL the work to make it my best.

With all that said, I tried not to stress and get myself down about all of it. There was nothing anyone could do but move forward right? So here we are – 4 singles later and a new album. I’m super excited for the future!


Thank you so much for these wonderful questions and for taking the time to interview me!

Spotlight – Lisa Nicole is a wrap. Big thanks to Lisa for taking the time to chat with us

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