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Spotlight – Liza

Today’s Spotlight – Liza. Coming off the fresh win of SOCAN Foundation’s SiriusXM Black Canadian Music award, Liza took some time to chat with us.

Spotlight – Liza
How did you get into music?

I’ve been singing since I was four, but I only really started making music in 2018 with my friends while I was still in school. I put out my first song on Soundcloud and I made the cover art (not knowing anything about photoshop), and I met my current producers because of that song.

Your music has a very delicate feel to it with some strong lyrics. Who are some of your earlier influences that helped build your sound?

Thank you! I grew up listening to Mariah Carey, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, and Destiny’s Child. I’m also heavily influenced by Ethiopian jazz. There are a lot of artists I’ve been influenced by and I have to give my dad credit for putting me on to so many classics. He bought me my first album The Writings On The Wall by Destiny’s Child and I carried that CD around everywhere.

Let’s go back to 2018's “Here to Stay”. How do you think your music has evolved from this early release until now?

I think of every release as a certain chapter in my life; musically, sonically, lyrically – “Here to Stay” perfectly captured a moment in my life, and as I’ve grown, so has my music. While my sound selections and overall taste have evolved, the common thread among my lyrics is they’ve always been vulnerable and honest. So while certain elements have changed, other elements are similar because they’re core to who I am.

What is your process like when putting together your music?

It depends on the day! I write a lot of poems, so some days, I’ll have an idea pretty much outlined top to bottom and now it’s finding the right melodies and sounds to complement and amplify the storytelling. On other days, I’ll hear a chord progression, ideas will start flowing, and we’ll start from scratch. I’ll always write from a place of truth, but I love finding common experiences between myself and the people I’m working with that day – I think that always makes for the best songs.

I read a whole paragraph of some of your impressive highlights so far but I’m more curious about which one meant the most to you and why?

Thank you! That’s a tough one because I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities, but I will say that getting a billboard in Times Square and getting to see it in person is definitely in my top 10 life highlights, and getting on Michelle Obama’s playlist was an insane moment – I still don’t know how that happened.

One of the more recent highlights is being selected as a winner of the SOCAN Foundation’s SiriusXM Black Canadian Music Awards. What does this award recognition mean to you?

It means a lot to be recognized as a winner of the SOCAN Foundation’s SiriusXM Black Canadian Music Awards – I’m a fan of the award itself for its efforts, focus, and purpose in highlighting Black Canadian talent. It feels great to be recognized by peers whom I admire and look up to in this industry and I’m grateful

What do you do to stay grounded outside of music?

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, who are my biggest support group and who keep me incredibly focused. My faith is also another grounding force.

What is something on your go to playlist that people might not expect you are listening to?

I love country music, I don’t think a lot of people would expect that from me (or maybe they do haha). I think country music has amazing songwriting and storytelling.

What is one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that’s not asked enough?

How specific songs were made and written – I love talking about the creative process behind certain songs and sharing the story behind the lyrics.

Who are some of your favorite local artists you think more people should be listening to?

There are so many, but at the top of my mind, Tobi, Savannah Re, Lu Kala, Loony – there are definitely a ton more.

What motivated you to keep walking down this musical path?

My passion for storytelling and being able to articulate my vulnerability through music and lyrics. Music is an outlet for me and it gives me the space to be authentically myself.

Spotlight – Liza is a wrap. We are totally looking forward to seeing what is next for this talent

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