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Today our Spotlight – Mauve. We sit down with Mauve to talk about her music and her inspirations. Hailing from Toronto Mauve is just on the heels of her recently release Shining Gold which is out now. Check it out now

Thank you for being here. Would you like to give an introduction to our readers?

Hey there! My name is Mauve and I am an electro-pop singer/songwriter based in Toronto. I have been writing songs for about 10 years now and my music has reached 1 million streams on Spotify. That’s definitely a big milestone for me and it puts such a big smile on my face seeing all of the different playlists that have added and supported my music. It helps me to see that big picture with all of the efforts and hard work I am putting in to get my music out there.

Who were your early inspirations? How do they differ from your inspirations today?

For over a decade I have been a big fan of 90s R&B music, especially the positive messages and smooth vocal harmonies brought from TLC. I love those girls! The deep and emotional vocals of Amy Winehouse and Sia have also played a huge influence on how I sing music. I think it is so inspiring when artists don’t hold back when expressing themselves. I would say they are still my inspirations today in helping me put so much heart and vulnerability into my lyrics. 

Let’s talk about your new single “Shining Gold.” You stated “Too many people are getting stuck in this social media reality, which we know isn’t always reflective of what’s truly going on in someone’s life,” Obviously social media is becoming a breeding ground for jealousy and insecurity. What would you want to tell those who might have gotten caught up in the crowd of obsessing over public appearance?

I would say to put the phone down and really focus on the present moment you are living in. Sometimes we can forget how awesome our lives are when we are constantly looking at the wonderful lives of other people. I wanted to write a song that said, enough is enough, what you have is beautiful and you are responsible for your own happiness through the confidence you find within yourself. 

Outside of social media and what fans would see on your platform, who is the true Mauve? Do you have any small hobbies or activities that bring you joy that you have never shared?

To help quiet my mind after a busy period I found that meditation and yoga really bring me to that state of inner wellness. 

The track was a collaboration with the female duo LYRE. How was working with them? Great to have an all-female power team.

I am so grateful to have worked with LA-based female production powerhouse LYRE for this song. I knew they would absolutely kill it. It was so important to work with an all-female team for this song because I have never been able to do that with my previous songs. We worked together virtually and I would send them a whole mixture of song references that I was inspired by. They were able to take certain elements of those references, whether it was an instrument or effect, and made it something totally creative and moving for my song “Shining Gold”. They definitely took the production beyond my expectations! 

The choreography for the music video, how was choreographing that as well as learning and performing?

I was so excited to have dancers for this music video! It was great bringing a team together of creative and talented individuals who had their own unique styles. I didn’t have a specific choreography for the song, I wanted each dancer to free-style their own dance moves and move in the way they feel most empowered. It was such a fun day and everyone brought such great energy!

Tell us about the song writing process, what headspace were you coming from?

I was kind of mindlessly scrolling through my phone and suddenly started to feel worse and worse about myself. You must be able to catch yourself falling into that trap and take a step back. I wanted to create a song that would get you out of that headspace and let you start celebrating the good things you have going on for yourself. 

The promotional pictures for this track have those classic Mauve vibes. Very colorful and popping off the screen. How do these pictures complement the song well? Would you say you often appear like this in your daily life?

When creating a song, it is like you are an artist with a paintbrush, combining different colors together and layering them to set a scene for someone else to imagine. It’s like you are painting but with sounds. I am not one to create a song that is dull or meaningless to me, so that is why I want all my work to feature splashes and pops of colors that sparks life and creativity to those who are listening.

If you could pick one of your songs for a new fan to listen to, what would it be and why?

I would highly recommend you go listen to Shining Gold, my latest track! It was such a pleasure being able to work with an all-female production team in creating this song. This song is an empowering anthem to celebrate what makes you unique and will get you moving and feeling good.

How has the pandemic affected your career? How did you adapt to fit the times? (Virtual concerts, streaming, music writing, etc.)

Even though it’s been strange not being able to perform any live music or to rehearse for shows with my band, I’ve been finding this as a very beneficial creation period. I have been busy working with my producers on completing new songs. I don’t allow myself to get bored because there are so many new opportunities now to move forward and grow as an artist. This can be by spending more time playing guitar, trying different vocal techniques, or forming new melodies on the piano.

You are truly the queen of singles. 12 since you began in 2017 with one EP. What is the reason behind your love for singles and EP’s? Any plans to release an LP someday?

I hope to one day! It is a lot easier to release a single or EP instead of a full-length album when you’re an independent singer. A lot goes behind with developing and requiring the funds to release an LP, so hopefully, I will be able to release that soon. 

If you could describe yourself as an artist in one sentence, what would it be?

I would like to describe what I write as authentic, vibrant, and connected to me on a deep level. 

What does the world need to know about Canadian, women pop artists?

I would say that we have a lot of soul and high-power energy to share. And lyrically our songs are very down to earth. 

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Lizzo! She has such a bold and powerful voice, she owns any song that she sings on. Whenever I play one of her songs I feel so full of energy and ready to take on the world. 

Thank you for being here today, before you go would you like to give a shoutout to any person, organization or charity who needs it right now?

Tremendous gratitude to our frontline health workers and caregivers who are working tirelessly to keep us in good health. Our community would not be able to get through this uneasy period without you! 

Spotlight – Mauve is in the books! Big thanks to Mauve for taking time to talk with us.

Make sure to check out Shining Gold right now!

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