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Today our Spotlight – Molly Annelle. We got the chance to sit down and chat with Molly about her music and the new release Dior. Check out the convo we had right here.

Let’s give a big, warm welcome to the beautiful Molly Annelle who’s with us today. How would you summarize your brand/music in one sentence?

Hi! Thank you for having me – I would describe my brand/music as dreamy, feminine, and overall feel-good. 

Do you have any memories of your early days in music? Who got you into it?

I grew up in a very music-oriented environment. Both of my parents are really into music and creativity. My mom writes novels and poetry and my dad plays in a hobby band. My earliest memories of music were singing with him when I was a little baby. I also grew up playing piano and dancing so I was always surrounded by music!

Your new single “Dior” is whimsical and displays amazing lyrical storytelling. Tell us about the writing and composing process?

Louise and I joined up with our friend Parker Bossley to write this one. We were honestly just messing around for this session with no particular goal or objective. The song came out of us talking about our love of all things early Mariah Carey and then writing a list of the most ‘expensive’ words we could think of. Eventually, we got into the groove of writing about a fantasy lifestyle, and just ran with it!

How does this single contrast to your past works? Definitely feels more upbeat than many of your past songs.

This single was a real step outside my comfort zone. I am more well-versed in writing smooth R&B tracks but I absolutely love a tasty pop song every once and a while so I was excited to experiment.

The song, in your words, “dives into our wildest fantasies of being rich and lavish, backed by an instrumental heavily inspired by the glittery pop and R&B hits of the early 2000s.” It is a recurring theme in your brand to reference the early 2000’s. From your colors, to sound, to style. What is the reason for this? Why are the 2000’s so close to your heart?

I was born in 2003, so the early 2000s are nostalgic to me! I still listen to 2000s music all the time, and my favorite movies are early 2000s romcoms. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from that era because it feels so fun, but elegant at the same time and that’s what I want my music to portray. 

To drop an album only a few months ago and already be back with a new single, has 2021 flowed extra creative inspiration to you?

Yes – I have never been more prolific than I have this year. Especially since moving to Toronto, I find myself writing new songs almost every day. There is just so much to be inspired by!

The promotional pictures are as bouncy and colorful as the song. Was this the intention? Did they fit your vision?

I really wanted the whole release of this song to be cohesive. I’m happy that came through! My vision was to keep the whole thing visually and auditory engaging. 

Speaking of the new album, how do you feel it was received? What was the aftermath like?

The album was received really well! I spent almost three years on that album so it’s very dear to my heart. The response was so overwhelming- I’m so ready to perform it now!!

What is your current setup in Toronto? Did you get studio time or work from home?

I’m living at the residence for my university and have a studio set up in my dorm. I do a lot of my recording and producing here, however, I do have access to recording studios on campus too since I’m studying music production!

Do you ever feel setback or restricted by your age in the music industry? How do you overcome those impedes?

Sometimes it’s frustrating to play a 19+ show and not be able to invite my friends or even be able to stay after I perform, but my age hasn’t really been a huge setback for me.

What advice would you want to give young Canadian women entering the industry?

Don’t let anyone make your decisions for you. People will try to make you quiet or guilty for speaking up, but looking out for yourself and your fellow women is vital!

Are you still located in Toronto? Ever get homesick of Vancouver

I am still located here in the 6ix. I miss Vancouver more than words can express – it’s the best city in the world.

What artists are you playing on repeat right now? Do your current top artists affect your writing style?

My biggest influence is Sabrina Claudio. Her album About Time changed me. I’ve also been bumping a lot of Summer Walker lately. I also love Tinashe.

How did you stay connected with your fans throughout the pandemic? Did you run any virtual shows or interact more frequently on social media?

I did a lot of Instagram live streams which kept me busy during the lockdown, but also kept my fans connected!

Thank you so much for joining us today. Before you go, would you like to give a shoutout to any person, organization or charity of your choosing?

Shout out to my parents, brother, bestie Sydney, and my Lil dog Duffy!! I miss you all so much.

Spotlight – Molly Annelle is in the books. Big thanks to Molly for taking the time to chat

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