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Spotlight – One Bad Son

Today we Spotlight – One Bad Son. We got a chance to sit down and pick the brains of this dynamic group and see what makes them tick. We talk music and the journey to get there as well as the release of I Come Alive. Check out the convo here and let us know what you think.

Spotlight – One Bad Son
How did One Bad Son get together?

19 (!) years ago, I served Shane and his girlfriend at the time, at a restaurant I was working at. I knew him from his former band and he knew me from mine, and basically, I just said “You’re the best singer in the city, we should jam” to which he replied “You’re the best drummer in the city, I’d love to jam” and OBS was born! Then we ended up living in a house together as a full band and we jammed and wrote songs literally 4-5 hours a day, and eventually, we started to find our sound. Then it took us 8 years before we wrote our first hit haha.

What are some of the band’s influences?

I think what makes our sound unique is we blend all those incredible Seattle bands (AIC, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) with the guitar-driven hard rock of the 70s (Zeppelin, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, etc.). Put that through the lens of Shane and I, and you get OBS.

Can you tell us a little more about your new single: “I Come Alive”?

For me, it’s about breaking free of society’s rules and expectations and pressures to conform…and in doing so, feeling alive for the first time. It’s about finding your true self, and not letting others define that for you. 

What’s the process like when you are putting together some music as a band?

We often start with a guitar riff. If that inspires us, then we add drums and rough vocals. Concise lyrics come last – they’re often rough melodies with mumbo-jumbo lyrics until we figure out what the song is really about.

How do you think the music has evolved from something like 2007s Orange City to now?

Great question. In short – we now know we can’t have a 2-minute drum/guitar intro before the vocals come in!! hahaha. But seriously, we’ve learned how to trim the fat and get down to what we’re really trying to communicate, so we can actually communicate and connect with rock and roll fans. But maybe we’ll bring back the 16-bar drum intro if you’re asking for it! 😉

What are some of the hurdles you’ve had to get over as a band that might help new musicians coming up to hear about?

It took us 8 years to get our first “hit”, and to get there, we had to work so hard to find our sound and tour like crazy, often to small crowds in the early days. So I would just say – earn your fans one at a time, tour as much as you can, and eventually you’ll find your audience. And then all of a sudden, your songwriting process gets elevated and it’s an amazing feeling.

Word is you guys are getting out on the road again to end the year. What can fans expect from this leg of live music?

We are so stoked!! I feel like these are our best live shows in years. The energy reminds me of the early days when we burned down the stage every night. The new songs mesh with the old ones so well…it feels like a full circle moment right now for us and Shane and I are so grateful. We also give it everything we have out there.

Is there a memorable fan interaction that stands out over others?

So many moments but some that really stand out have been playing some of the Indigenous communities in Northern Sask and Alberta. It’s been special to see our music connect with people in these communities and to become friends with many incredible people. It’s been one of the great honors of our almost 20-year career – being able to connect with our country’s first peoples and share a love of rock and roll.

What do you hope fans can take away from your music?

Well, rock and roll is in a weird spot in 2023 and so many musicians don’t write their own music or play their own instruments, or they play a ton of backing tracks live…and we have just always done the opposite. So for all those rock and roll fans out there who want something real written by people who have lived it, well this is for you.

Being part of a band there must be a million things to keep track of. What do you do to stay grounded outside of music?

That’s an easy one-word answer: family!! But in general, Shane and I have always been humble prairie kids and that mindset or worldview has never really changed, and I think has been a key to our success. We’ve had to earn every success we’ve had and haven’t had much handed to us, so that has kept us simultaneously humble and grateful which is a great combo.

What is something on your go to playlist people wouldn’t expect you to listen to?

I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan. He’s by far the artist that I listen to the most. Which might be a contrast to the head-banging, thrashing drummer that people see on stage.

What’s one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that isn’t asked enough?

I think, for musicians, what advice would you give to other artists in terms of finding balance with your mental health? I appreciate that it might be a sensitive topic for some, but also, I also think it’s a topic that needs to be discussed more. Being in the music industry is a hard road to travel, and I see many folks struggling with their mental health. Creating more open dialogue about it is a start, if the artist feels open to talking about it. For me, I find that I need to unplug from social media, eat healthy, and work out daily (yoga, running, strength training, etc) to find balance in it all. That’s just what works for me.

Who plays each member of the band in the movie about OBS?

Haha, great question. For Shane, let’s go with a young Clint Eastwood, who he loves. For me, let’s go with Mike Myers as I heard he was almost cast as Keith Moon and I would love the energy and humor he would bring to it. Hopefully, he gets along with Clint! Hahaha

What motivates you to keep walking down this musical road?

Always just our mutual love of music. We have always said that if the magic one day isn’t there, we’ll stop. But thankfully, the magic has been coming in spades lately, so I don’t see an end in sight and it’s a glorious feeling.

Spotlight – One Bad Son is a wrap! Great time learning a little more about what makes OBS tick!

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