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Spotlight – Runaway Angel
Spotlight – Runaway Angel
How did Runaway Angel start?

Stacey had the initial idea about starting a trio. She had aways loved The Chicks and saw opportunity in the fact that there were really no other female groups in the Canadian scene at the time. She and Cadence were friends and she was dead set on having Cadence involved (who emphatically said no). Ann and Cadence were friends, so when Cadence finally gave in to Stacey’s urging, she suggested Ann as the third!

We all got together to just hang out, feel out the chemistry and write music. The rest is history!

You have a new release out in “Beach Please” that has become a summer anthem that resonates with fans worldwide. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the song and how it evolved from inception to its final form?

This is a great example of a song that just HAD to happen. We wanted a beach song, and when we heard our co-writer Kate Malone’s awesome beat/loop idea, we knew it was the right fit. We must have felt extra sassy that day because after Ann jokingly said “Beach Please”, the song was finished in about two hours!

“Beach Please” has an infectious and uplifting vibe that captures the essence of carefree summer days. How did you go about creating that perfect blend of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics?

Thank you! We certainly want to be relatable. To be honest, that part is easy because we all work, struggle, juggle, and want to go to a darn beach sometimes like everyone else!

The catchy melody is a harder thing to quantify/qualify. It is easy when we have four ladies in the room that are passionate about a common goal.

“Beach Please” has a feel-good, sing-along quality that invites listeners to join in. What are some of your favorite moments or reactions from fans when performing the song live?

We have not had the opportunity to play it live too many times, but MAN it is fun! People get right into it because we’ve ALL had those days. When people laugh at the lyrics and sing along it is truly the best feeling.

How do you think your music has evolved from let’s say 2017’s Mine to now with Beach Please?

That is a good question. It is crazy to remember the moment that we wrote that because SO much has happened since. Cadence had not been diagnosed with Leukemia yet, Covid had not happened yet… Quite frankly we were different people. We still love listening to that song because it captured the love and joy of that time for Cadence. Our music has evolved in a very organic way. We have more depth and want to connect in a real way with people more than ever. Even if it’s through a light-hearted song that makes you dance. We had depth and authenticity in 2017, but we have grown WITH our audience through some challenging years.

“Beach Please" has garnered praise from both country and pop music fans. How do you approach blending these genres and finding a balance that appeals to a wide audience?

That makes us happy! To be perfectly honest, we did not put a ton of thought into it. The song has a mariachi moment in it too! We did what felt right to the song and did not consciously try to make it more country and less pop or vice versa. We just made a summer jam! Cadence’s voice might be the most country aspect of this song and that is perfectly fine for us as long as it makes people smile.

What do you do outside of music to keep yourselves grounded?

We have all been grinding for almost two decades doing every job you can imagine to support music. We still do! We forget our coffee in the kitchen on the way to work just like everyone else! We are so grateful to be able to fit this crazy music life into our everyday work lives.

What’s something on the go to playlists that people wouldn’t expect your listening to?
  • Cadence LOVES Katy Perry. All. The. Katy. Perry. 

  • Stacey grooves out to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  • Ann has some soundtrack instrumentals on her playlist…She loves Hans Zimmer!

What is something you think should be asked more in an interview that’s not asked enough?

Another good question! 

Maybe the challenging stuff would be good to touch on sometimes for depth. What is the hardest part about staying inspired and motivated? What is challenging about being in a group versus being a solo artist? 

What do you hope people can take away from your music?

We truly just want people to FEEL. Whether it is nostalgia, relating to something in the song, or just getting up and feeling joy in the moment and wanting to dance. Connection is so powerful and it is lacking in the world sometimes.

Apart from the success of "Beach Please," what other exciting projects or collaborations can we expect from Runaway Angel in the near future? Are there any surprises or hints you can share with your fans?

We are so excited to share more new music!! Not just “Runaway Angel” music, but our writing projects for film and television that are extremely left field from what people would expect! We enjoy the creative process so much and hope that people see different sides of us as artists.

Spotlight – Runaway Angel is in the books and it was a great time getting to know a little more about the ladies

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