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Spotlight – Teigen Gayes

Today we Spotlight – Teigen Gayes. No stranger to Teigen and what she brings to the stage it was nice to take a minute to catch up. Check it out and show love.

Who are some of the people who influenced your sound?

Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, Meghan Morony, and Morgan Wallen are some artists I absolutely love. However, I really try to keep my sound true to me and different. A new story and chapter. 

What do you think makes you unique over others?

I think my voice is a bit unique because it’s quite raspy. I also really enjoy writing for myself but others 

You have a recent release in Better Mistake. Can you give us the story behind this track?

I wrote this song with the super-talented Phil Barton and David Thompson! We started the session off with the title and from there we came up a love story. It’s all about falling for someone you never expected to fall for and how it all worked out in the end

What do you think are some of your unique parts in the creation process?

Before I go into a write I spend a lot of time preparing for it making sure I have song titles/melodies and even just a general story I want to tell. I also like to be prepared before my live shows by going through my sets while I’m working out 

What is your favorite part of the creation of a song, Writing, Production, or Playing live?

The vibe between the writers and how they pull their ideas together. It’s like you leave it all on the floor in the room – being honest raw and venerable 

How do you think your music has evolved if we go back to 2016s Your Girlfriend’s Crazy up until this release?

I’ve really dedicated my life to being part of the country music community. I moved to Nashville and have worked hard to collaborate with others, trying to earn my way into rooms with the best of the best . Feel very blessed to have had the radio success and shows I’ve been part of and look forward to continuing this journey. 

With the industry being as crazy as it can be, what do you do outside of music to stay grounded?

I love working out and try to take time for work life balance when possible. Spending quality time with my friends and family are very important to. I also love movies and recently started reading a little bit more. 

If you didn’t have music, what would you be doing?

That’s a hard one, I can’t imagine my life without music but it would definitely be something creative. Maybe I’d start a talk show or something. I love meeting people and sharing stories. 

What is something on your go-to playlist that people would not expect you to listen to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of classic punk lately lol. Blink 182, Paramore, Nickelback and some good throwbacks

What would your dream late-night talk show be to play on?

Thats a good question ! It use to be the Ellen show. I grew up loving Ellen and I was so sad when she stopped her show! However, Jimmy Fallon is my new Fave… being on his show would be sick!!

What’s one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that is not asked enough?

I think how and why I started writing music. I love that question.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I hope they feel like they aren’t alone in the world and that they have someone to relate to

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

I would say no

Last but not least, are you Happy?

I’m so happy! I am very blessed to get to do what I love everyday

Spotlight – Teigen Gayes has come to an end. Big thanks to Teigen for taking the time to chat!

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