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Spotlight – Twin Temple

Today’s Spotlight – Twin Temple. We got the chance to chat with one of the more unique duos about how their music came about and just how it started turning heads. This is a very interesting look into some very fun music.

How did the band come together?

At an orgy

What are some of the early influences that shaped the sounds of the band?

Too many to name… We are lifelong lovers of classic American music, from blues to jazz to rock ’n’ roll, country, and soul. Actually, we’re inspired by all sounds from around the world… Latin to Ethiopian jazz…I mean we could write volumes on the music we love, but we like to think you can hear & discover all the influences in the music itself.

I'm curious about where the purveyors of Satanic Doo-Wop come from?

That’s us…

With the blending of the music, how would you describe the atmosphere of your fanbase/crowds?

Our fans are extremely diverse and unique, we make a point to welcome everyone to the shows and create an environment of freedom and inclusivity. Our fans truly are the best, and they come dressed to kill! There are metalheads, goths, punks, oldies lovers, drag queens, and even Christians in attendance. It means a lot to create a safe space for all – women, trans, LGBTQ, Christians, Satanists, all cultures, and all nationalities, the more individuals the better.

What is your process like when putting together new music?

It varies, we just follow our muse, whatever excites us at that moment.

How do you think your music has evolved from 2019s I Am a Witch going forward to 2023s God is Dead?

2019’s single I Am a Witch was recorded similarly to the first album. Which was all live to tape, done in a couple of takes. God Is Dead we were inspired to recreate the wall of sound production of the 1960’s, which of course was recorded live with a lot of layers and a lot of instruments. So instead we recorded each instrument ourselves, layering them to recreate that aesthetic. As far as songwriting, we like to think God is Dead up the ante on the concepts of romance & blasphemy we explored in album 1.

Is there one track you were surprised the fans enjoyed that you were unsure about?

To be honest, we don’t put a song on the album if we are unsure about it. We believe you must create music to please yourself first and foremost; that is the joy of creation…when we listen to music, we want to hear that person’s unique perspective. Not them pandering to a trend or someone else’s vision of who they are. So personally, we don’t create things for algorithms, or other people, or genres, or whatever. We make it for the sake of making it, to please ourselves. If you rely on external validation you will only be disappointed, especially as an artist.

What do you do to stay grounded outside of music?

Music is really what makes us get up in the morning; we don’t find it ungrounds us really. It’s what gives us life. But we do indulge in other hobbies & have other pleasures; ritual magick, witchcraft, gardening, our Pug Ziggy, a good book and tea, visiting haunted houses & anatomical museums, collecting taxidermy & human remains, art museums….

When Alex Jones denounced you and causes a wave of bibles being sent to your house, who sent them and where did the bibles end up?

We don’t know who sent ‘em, but they ended up in the trash. 

Who plays each of you in the movie of your lives?


What is something on your go to playlist that people wouldn’t expect that you listen to?

Christmas music.

What is one thing you think should be asked more in an interview that isn’t asked enough?

I don’t know, we’re not interviewers! People should ask what they’re curious about.

What do you hope fans take away from your music?

Whatever pleases them. That’s for them to experience. We don’t like didactic things with answers. Music should be experienced however an individual wishes to experience it. Our life principles are based on not telling other people how to experience things, how to feel, and what to think.

What motivates you to keep going?

This is our True Will; we don’t really need anything to motivate us…its just who we are really and what we do, an aspect of our Self. Music is life. I’m not sure what “motivates” us to live, but thankfully music is a large source of pleasure in this life.

Spotlight – Twin Temple has come to an end. Probably one of my more interesting and favorite interviews in a long time

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